This grass is greener

This grass is greener. Benefits of keeping your body alkaline.



Let’s talk about alkalising in relation to you & your body.

Alkalising your body has many benefit including

+ Strengthening of the Immune system

+ Improving mental focus & clarity

+ Increase in energy

+ Anti tumour activity

+ Improved digestion

+ Improved recovery after exercise

+ Stabilises blood sugar levels, blood pressure & cholesterol levels

+ Reduction in allergy symptoms


So what’s the alternative to alkaline?

Acidic. When your body is acidic – bad bacteria, viruses, yeast & other unfriendly organisms flourish.

When your body is slightly alkaline ( from eating alkaline foods like raw veggies & green food powders) bad bacteria, yeast, viruses & other dreaded diseases can’t survive.

What causes our bodies to become acidic?

+ Eating acid forming foods

+ Excess stress

+ Excess exercise

+ Environmental pollutants

+ Drugs – pharmaceutical also

+ Alcohol

+ Coffee

+ Tobacco


Deep greens offer major benefits to your entire body

They are good for your brain, bones, heart and they help prevent disease, detoxify & alkalise your cells, boost your immune system and give you more energy.

Yes please, that all sounds amazing doesn’t it.

Myself & my lifestyle members alkalise ourselves on the daily with Deep Green Alkalising Superfood. We are women just like you – taking care of the business, the family & ourselves.

Deep Green is such a potent product & all you need is a tsp a day added to water or juice. So easy.

Deep Green is a combination of

+ Blue Green Algae – Certified Organic Spirulina, AFA & Chlorella ( I’ll be doing a focus on this soon so make sure you’re on the list)

+ Green Grass juices – Certified Organic Cold Temp dried Alfalfa, Barley, Kamut, Oat, & Wheat Grass juice powders.

+ Leafy green vegetables- Certified Organic, freeze dried pure vegetable powders of spinach, kale, parsley, collard & nettle.

The grass juice isn’t pulverised grass – which is what cows can digest not us. It’s juiced grass that is then freeze dried. It’s hella potent 30 kg of grass juice is needed to make 1 kg of grass juice powder 😳

So as you can see Deep green really lives up to the name – so much green goodness packed in one jar.

If you are ready to join our lifestyle members & have the ‘superfoods for superwomen’ ( this includes deep green) auto shipped to you each month, go here ☺️.

Keep it green, keep it clean.

Much love


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