Are you ready to transform every area of your life?

Leonie Dawson Shining Academy Enroll

Are you ready to transform every area of your life from business, soul, creativity, home, health and happiness?

The Shining Biz & Life Academy is the ultimate, complete + wildly generous program to transform your business, life, creativity and soul!
Created by best-selling author, multi-million dollar CEO and finalist for Australian Business Woman of the Year, Leonie Dawson has dedicated her life to helping other women create their own kind of soul-centered success.

{   Seen enough I want in    }

The Academy is her proven, popular and powerful training resource that’s helped thousands of women since 2010.
It’s wildly generous & unlike anything else out there on the market!

Used by entrepreneurs, artists, mamas, creatives, coaches, teachers and women of all ages, the Shining Academy is filled with over 100 courses to help you create your shining biz and life!

Bonuses galore! As an Academy member, you’ll receive access to the Shining Discount Centre where you’ll receive huge savings ($2,000!) on a range of essential tools and services to help your business bloom.

Plus, as an extra special bonus, you’ll snag the complete 2017 Shining Year product collection delivered to your door (valued at up to $150)!


As a member of the Academy

💗 you’ll receive powerful business training to help you start + grow your dream business rapidly & happily.

💗 You’ll receive audio meditations to soothe your soul.

💗 Illustrated workbooks to create clarity & intention around difficult decisions.

💗 E-courses to supercharge your creativity, become a marketing maven & wrangle your fears.

💗 Tips to get your house decluttered & your inner world in order.

💗 Cleanses to bring your body into health & radiance.

💗 Everything you need to live, work, play & create like the beautiful, bright-shining soul you were born to be.
All at an incredibly generous price. 💶💵💴💰

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Over the last six years, over thousands of women have used the Academy with the most amazing results. It’s the best and most complete biz education library out there!

So what are you waiting for sweet cheeks 😘 . Get on it & join this year. Just follow the magic word here

Much Love


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