My wish for the planet 🌎

My wish for the world

I wrote this 3 years ago.

I had written ‘birth wishes’ for both of my children & had wonderful births which lived up to my wishes.

So I wrote this as I was reflecting on climate summits etc & always feel like there is not a lot happening.

I’ve always had an interest in environmental issues but have felt helpless.

I could have mentioned more in my wish but this is my basic planet wish.

Start where you are quote

Start where you are

I had already started by the point I had written my wish –

💜 I try to live sustainably

💜 Eat local

💜 Minimize household cleaning products & chemicals in general

💜 Trying to move toward zero waste

💜 Support those that are standing up & making their voices heard on the issue

💜 Being mindful about the impact what I’m doing, has on the planet.

💜 Organic skincare & cosmetics

💜 Support sustainable ethical companies.

These last two are what drew me to Miessence and why I continue to choose their products & remain a product partner. They are organic, natural & carbon negative ( one step better than carbon neutral).

So I feel confident supporting such a sustainable ethical company & sharing it with others.

I could go all out on this issue but I’m keeping this post positive, as my wish is, and that’s where I started it.

What is your wish for the planet? Environmental or otherwise. Let me know in the comments below.

Much love


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