What is Sacha Inchi? 

What is Sacha Inchi title
Sacha Inchi (pronounced sah-cha inch-ee) is legendary!

It is one of nature’s most amazing and nutritious foods.

It has been part of the Inca diet for 3000 years.
Sacha Inchi is also called the “Incan peanut”. It grows in the Amazon Rainforest and the high Andes Mountains of Peru.
Tribes dating back to the Incas have used sacha inchi to maintain good health and well-being.
The Sacha Inchi plant, is a rainforest vine, with star-shaped seed pods, meaning that Inca Peanuts are technically seeds, not nuts.
The Sacha Inchi seeds used in Miessence complete protein, do have a unique, mild, nutty taste that many compare to that of a dark roasted peanut with a slight woody flavor.

Benefits of Sacha inchi protein powder 

💟 Supports healthy eyes, skin, teeth and bones. As it’s high in Vitamin A & Calcium
💟 Promotes a positive mood, as it’s high in Tryptophan

💟 Highly digestible – you absorb the nutrients quickly and easily – with maximum absorption.

💟 Sacha Inchi ranks 98 out of 100 on the Protein Efficiency Ratio

💟 60% protein

💟 Sustainably harvested – good for the planet 🌎

💟 Raw, vegan, organic

Supporting indigenous tribes through your daily workout 

The sacha inchi plant grows sustainably in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.
It’s modern rediscovery now provides income for indigenous tribes and contributes to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest.  It prevents the endangered fertile land on which it grows from being razed and used for less sustainable crops.

Sacha inchi plants will flower five months after being planted, bearing fruits after another three months and continue to thrive for over 10 years, providing a sustainable source of income for the people of the Amazon.

So by taking your pre workout & post workout, you are supporting a tribe in the amazon 💗

Not to mention helping preserve one of the natural wonders of the world – the beautiful amazon  rainforest 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

How Sacha Inchi gets to be in protein powder 

1️⃣ Sacha Inchi Nut is cold-pressed to produce the seed oil.

2️⃣ The nut is now de-fatted

3️⃣ The remaining nut material will become Sacha Inchi protein powder

4️⃣ It is freeze dried this creates the Sacha Inchi protein powder.



So you can see it is naturally extracted

✖️No high temperature processing

✖️ No deodorizing

✖️ No preservatives

✖️ No additives.
The dried sacha inchi seed powder amazingly contains one of the most highly digestible, low-irritant, high quality proteins sources known.

So you absorb the nutrients quickly and easily – with maximum absorption.
Sacha Inchi is totally formulated and balanced by nature – that’s why it’s so highly (99%) digestible and easy to take.

Essential Amino acid profile of Sacha Inchi

Here is a quick look at the essential amino acid profile of Sacha Inchi protein.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein & the essential amino acids are the ones which your body can not produce on its own. Therefore it is essential to get them all through your diet.

Also the combination of all 9 is essential, in particular for vegan & vegetarians. I’ll dive deeper into the essential amino acids in another post. So to make sure you don’t miss this join the tribe here, to receive updates.

Sacha Inchi essential amino acid profile

As you can see here Sacha Inchi is above 80% in all 9 essential amino acids.

An easy way to 

💚Get all your essential amino acids

💗Support a tribe in the amazon

🌳Help protect the amazon rainforest

💪🏽Maintain your body

👌🏼 Enjoy your wellbeing
Is to take the Complete Protein powder each day, with the Star ingredient Sacha Inchi in it.
You can buy yours here
Testimonial organic protein powder

Want to know more about the protein powder?  

How you can get it at a discounted rate?

Please email me organicgoody@live.com or hit me up on social @organicgoody on most platforms.

Much love


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