Home Essentials Kit overview

The home essentials kit is how I started my Doterra journey.

It comes with

  • 10 of the most popular oils from Doterra – 9 of them are 15ml and the Ice blue is a 5 ml.
  • A petal Diffuser
  • A year membership to Doterra which gets you wholesale prices on all of their products.


Ten Oils in the home essentials kit

Click through the names below you’ll see some ideas for how you would use them,  the benefits and support they can offer.

Frankincense $132NZD

Tea Tree $40NZD

Lavender $44NZD

Onguard $61NZD

Lemon $21NZD

Oregano $51NZD 

Ice Blue$62NZD

Peppermint $37NZD

Digestzen $65NZD

Easy Air $43NZD

So with all these oils plus the Petal Diffuser $86NZD and the membership $40NZD

You get all of this – with a retail value of $682NZD for only $365NZD plus shipping.


I think its the best way to start as there is so much you can do with these oils.

Also you’ve got Frankincense in there which even at wholesale is a $100 oil.

If you are ready to get your own oils pop over here on details on how to order

Any further questions message me on Instagram or email me organicgoody@live.com

Much love





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