Blogging is back?!

I used to love reading blogs.

I still do occasionally but due the the overwhelming pull of social media I don’t read as much anymore.

I am well over all the censorship, algorithms and noise of social.

Don’t get me wrong I still love it and use Instagram the most. Still love me some Pinterest but is that really social media (shrug), more like a virtual magazine imo.

Anyway with all the changes of platforms. I am going be more present posting on my blog – yes this one you are reading right now.

I just discovered Bloglovin yesterday – thanks to an email from Leonie Dawson. Anyway its an easy app to follow blogs and it displays the latest post of those you follow in a feed. Very handy for weaning off social.

My plan

🌻 Write more blogs

🌻 Use this platform which I own and have all the rights over. You don’t own your social media platforms so if they decide any changes or even to shut down their sites all your efforts are gone.

🌻 Do some things here which are more ‘social media’ style posts

🌻 Have fun and remember why I started this site even. Its slightly evolved but I love to create content, play around with design and share things I love.

🌻 Also read other peoples blogs more often. If you have a blog leave it in the comments I would love to check it out.

Heres to being creative, reading more long form content & creating in space that is you own.

Peace ✌🏻


UPDATE – I just found out that I can also create a ‘stories’ post on WordPress too. How good so while Im still on Insta Ill upload the same stories and then later I might just be doing everything here who knows

Free Frankincense this December – Franky Friday


My Free Frankincense arrived today with my order.

πŸŽ„ I also got the free holiday joy and this cute clay doterra decoration which I wasn’t expecting πŸŽ„

I’ll post in my stories this week on what I ordered to get my free Frankincense. I also used some of my loyalty rewards points to get some other free products ⭐

You can still get the free Franky ( worth $99 nzd) by placing a 200pv order you can create your own order or join with an enrolment kit.

Message me if you need help getting started β­πŸŽ„

Much love

Holiday season feelings

πŸŽ„One week until Christmas 🦌

How are you feeling about it all if you celebrate?

This year has whizzed by in the end and especially this month for us.

It can be an exciting / stressful / lonely / sad/ happy / joyful / anxiety inducing / crazy / rushed / peaceful / fun… Time of year.

How ever you feel about Christmas / the holiday season is valid.

Enjoy if you celebrate πŸŽ„

Take it easy on yourself & practice lots of self care πŸ’• Slow down and take a moment 🌠

Happy holidays πŸŽ„β­πŸ’“

Much love

Kelly xo

Getting back to posting consistently

Sometimes getting back into posting is like waiting for that perfect moment when playing jump rope. Following the rope as the others swing it and then running in.

Anyway it’s never perfect and I over think jumping in. Here’s me running in. With a pic of me circa 2020 aka last Saturday.

note. This wouldn’t happen if I was consistent.πŸ‘€

But do you even visit the instagram grid these days? Or are stories & reels your jam?

Much love

Kelly xo