Abundance Rituals with Laxmi Goddess of Abundance

✨Money Monday ⠀

Laxmi the Hindu goddess of abundance

Laxmi the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity & abundance. ⠀

When it comes to money & abundance I like to use omens, lucky charms, mantras & ideas from different modalities. It makes it fun & why not. Take what you like – it’s nice to create rituals around things in a way that feels abundant & enjoyable to you. ⠀

I found these on a list on ‘How to be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi’⠀

💰 Salt ritual ⠀
Mix some raw salt in water & cleanse your home with the water – sprinkling it around or flicking it lightly out of a glass. It invites in abundance. It also removes all the negative energy from your house and gives you peace.⠀
💰Clean your home⠀
On the day of the new moon remove all the unnecessary items from your house, clean thoroughly. You can also sage your house, light incense or diffuse some wild orange oil ( the oil of abundance). Bringing you peace & prosperity.⠀
💰Respecting Women⠀
Respect women who come to your home or live in your home. Respecting women in general is good all round. Celebrating women, honouring them & sisterhood. ⠀
💰 Prevent Negative Energy⠀
After you’ve had visitors staying or people over, cleanse the energy of your home. Can be done with the salt ritual or saging or using an essential oil that cleanses energy. Removing the negative energy in order to get peace & prosperity.⠀
💰 Keep Salt covered ⠀
Never keep your salt jar open, in order to get wealth and prosperity. ( we have an open salt jar 😱)⠀ 💰Oiling the doors ⠀
Put oil on your door hinges and windows in order to prevent any sound – due to dryness. Such sound attracts huge negative energy and disturbs the prosperity of your house.⠀
Donate to charities & worthy causes. Share your abundance it’s good karma & what you spend comes back multiplied.⠀
💰Plant Basil⠀
Grow a Holy basil (Tulsi) plant in an open place. It gives positive vibes, good luck, peace, prosperity, health, wealth and money⠀

I’ve got this one of Laxmi on my ‘altar’ – the place where I have crystals, affirmation cards, my diffuser & other lucky charms. My altar is also set up in the wealth & prosperity corner of the lounge – coming into the room it’s the far left corner. Far left corner of the whole house also. If you are renting or living with others you can focus on the far left corner of your own space. You can also do the far left corner of each room as well as the far left corner of your home.

Money Beliefs

If you have read this and are thinking that this is so materialistic, greedy, ‘ it’s not all about money’, ‘I don’t need money’, evil people have money… the list goes on.

You may have some money beliefs that you have picked up throughout your years. We can often absorb these beliefs from our parents. You need to ask yourself is this something you really believe or want to believe anymore. If these are beliefs/blocks that you want to work on I recommend tapping/EFT to work on these negative blocks and replace them with positive, abundant mindset money beliefs. Here is my Tapping video playlist which mainly features Brad Yates but some Gala Darling. Have a scroll through it to find the Money/Abundance videos & give it a go.

You are worthy

We all deserve to live in abundance and have all that we desire. You are worthy of it all. If you are a good-hearted person then we need more people like you with money – you are able to make a difference in the world through the way you choose to spend your money.

💗You can help charities and causes that are working to create a fair, sustainable, clean, green, healthy, safe world for us and other people.

💗You can buy products that are fairly made and support local, small businesses and sustainable companies.

💗 You can use your money to start a business that solves an environmental problem.

💗You can build schools, water wells, support orphanages, educate people on sustainable living, give money to those in developing countries to start their own enterprises.

I want all the ‘good’ people to have the money. [Click to tweet]

By good I mean – the environmentalists, the planet carers & savers, the humanitarians who work to help those who live in poor & unsafe conditions, the entrepreneurs helping people live there best lives, the heart-centered folk who care about fair trade, humanity, and this amazing planet we call home.

Money love & abundance.

Happy Monday ✨



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Fab Friday

Friiiday Last Friday of June . I’m loving

+ Hustle Neon

+ Rainbow craft

+ Pork Belly

+ Jeans, sneakers, white tee & cardi cardi 😜

What are you loving today?

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Fab Friday

Friidaayyy! I’m loving

+ Garlic butter chicken

+ Beanies & braids

+ I love books

+ This Colourful patterned bag

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Fab Friday

Images via Pinterest

I’m loving

+ Light tunnel in Japan

+ Jeans, check coat, heels, bag 😍

+ Courage

+ House tucked in the rocks 👌🏽

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Fab Friday

Images via Pinterest

Friiidaayy! I’m loving

+ Prada cosmic bag

+ Painting in your journal inspo

+ Woven trays

+ Tess Guinery’s way with words

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