Switching up negative thoughts & beliefs you hold

📷 Last month in Akaroa 🌿🌻🏵️

🏵️ Switching up negative thoughts and beliefs you hold🌻

Suffering is in the mind.

Write down every stressful thought/belief you hold & then ask yourself these four questions. 

🌟 is it true? 
🌟 can I absolutely know it’s true? 
🌟 how do I react when I believe this thought? 
🌟 who would I be without the thought? 

Replace it now with an opposite thought. One that’s true or truer and doesn’t cause suffering.

Via Byron Katie –  The work

Be the glitch you want to see in the matrix

Be the glitch you want to see in the matrix ☀️
Now like never before is the time to go against the grain. 
💛 Stand up for your freedoms 
💛 Your human rights. 
💛 Question everything 
💛 Research, research. 
💛 Be wary of making hasty decisions esp if your ‘arm is being twisted’ into it. 
💛 People power 
💛 Tune into your intuition ( your gut instinct). Trust your gut. 
💛 I am a sovereign being I do not consent 

Drink your greens 🍵 Eat your greens 🥬  Add in all the greens

Drink your greens 🍵
Eat your greens 🥬 
🌱 Add in as much green shit as you can. 
💚 dark leafy greens, fresh herbs, chlorella, spirulina, chlorophyll, sprouts, salad greens, green juice powder, matcha green tea… 

Add more into your day for all the good alkalising properties, detoxification support, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fibre… 
And the all round healthy feeling you get after your green juice or a fresh salad. 
All part of a balanced lifestyle. 
I am responsible for my own health 💚 
This is all a note to myself to add more greens in. Started today with chlorella in h20 🍵 

Image via @garmentory

Creating habits for the new month ahead


Set yourself up to create the new habits you need to be doing, to ‘become’ the version of you, who has the ‘thing/goal/outcome/desire’ 🌨️