Pink Supermoon April 2020

🌕Full Moon🌕 it’ a Super moon.

The biggest & brightest Full Moon of the year. Bringing with it a surge of potent but highly positive energies.

It is the 3rd Super Full Moon in a row and unlike regular Full Moons—in which the energy lasts for a few days—the highly charged, intense and life-altering energy of this Supermoon sequence is felt consistently throughout this period – from February through to the next Supermoon in May.

The full moon in Libra

❤️ balancing


❤️balancing masculine and feminine energies

❤️ Inner shift to realign your own energy which has fallen out of alignment

Time for

❤️Self care

❤️ Nourishing mind body & soul

❤️ Salt baths

❤️ Meditation

❤️ Listen to soothing music

❤️ Centre & ground yourself

❤️ Spend time in nature

❤️ Disconnect from things / people who drain your energy

Can stir up emotions especially being a supermoon.

Old energy will be clearing & new energy coming in. Helping you to find closure on certain chapters while remaining open to new opportunities, connections & possibilities

We have gone through many drastic energy shifts lately, which have taken us through personal transformation and caused us to vibrate on an entirely different frequency

This Supermoon brings another major and quite abrupt awakening, we will see everything around us as though we are perceiving it all for the first time. The illusions that once surrounded us are speedily dissipating and we will have no option but to view things as they are, rather than what we want to believe

Via @alex.myles 🌕❤️

Keeping surfaces clean at home during Covid 19

I’m Spraying & wiping everything these days. 

☀️All the door handles, surfaces, light switches. 

☀️I even wipe down all the things I get delivered or buy from the supermarket. Anyone else?

☀️ Its more peace of mind.

☀️ But they say that wiping a surface disrupts any virus present on the surface just like when you wash your hands. 

☀️ I’ve been using the onguard cleaning concentrate. It’s diluted in the pink spray bottle – I do about 3 squirts and fill with h20. And the spray bottle is quite small. The onguard concentrate has a dilution ration of 30ml to a litre of water. So it lasts me awhile. 

☀️Even just wiping down handles etc with hot soapy water is better than nothing. 

☀️We are getting a good dose of onguard essential oil blend everywhere – its in this cleaner so on all the clean surfaces, in our toothpaste, in the diffuser & on feet, spine, chest diluted. That is the essential oil – we don’t rub the cleaner on ourselves. Supporting our immune systems

Take care


Seasons changing literally & life’s seasons

Seasons changing.

Life has its seasons too.

I was reflecting on some of my seasons the other day we really do evolve with each season. 

🌸 What ever season you are in may you find the best in it. If its a shitstorm 💩🌪️ storms pass as seasons do.

Hoping you have the support you need.

Whatever your season – do something that makes you feel good & repeat w more things that make you feel good. 

🌸Nature is beaut no filter needed 😊

Much Love

Homebound social distancing activity ideas

A quick list I whipped up when thinking of things I’d like to do while we are all social distancing and staying home during this wild time we are living through. Stay safe.


📚 Read through your stack of unread books both your own or the library

🎧 You can borrow free ebooks & Audio books on Libby or Borrow box – search if your local library is on them.








Junk Art


Digital art – Graphics etc



🌟Gratitude lists

🖥️Blog Posts

🔆Morning Pages

📖Thoughts on paper to clear the head

⛅Brainstorm ideas how you can help others

🌠Write down your dreams & desires


👯‍♀️Lounge dance parties

🏋️‍♀️Home workouts from Youtube, apps etc


🚶‍♀️Tai chi






🖥️ Join an online course

🧠Choose something you want to know more about & do it

💻Find someone new to follow online and read their blog posts

📱Go through a course you’ve already purchased


📺Work through your You Tube & Facebook saved lists

🎙️Listen to podcasts

Life Admin

📷Sort digital photos & files

💾Back up photos

🏡Spring clean the house

🧼Clean things that get neglected

🚙Wash & clean out vehicles

🌿Garden & weed

🏞️Tidy the yard

🏚️Clean out the garage & sort


❤️Affirmations for wellbeing

🙆‍♀️Eft tapping to reduce stress

📺Watch inspirational You tube videos






✌🏼Chill out

What are you doing with this time?

Take care


All becoming home bodies due to corona virus

🍁All becoming home bodies.🍁

🍁 Stay home this weekend
🍁 Dont go anywhere you don’t have to
🍁 No matter what’s going on its thinking ahead to avoid major strain on our health system. If all the beds are full then what about the usual cases that come through on a weekly basis heart attacks, strokes, accidents etc
🍁 Be mindful of others who are vulnerable & how it will effect the hosp& their staff.
🍁 Staying home isn’t a big deal
🍁 I think it’s more important to be proactive than think fuck I wish we had stayed home a couple of weeks ago.

🍁 We will get through this. Help flatten the curve, look after others, check on your elderly neighbours from a distance. Enjoy home days with your whanau.


Protect your energy & surround yourself with uplifting people

⭐Choose to be around people who inspire you, are uplifting, positive, have a growth mindset. This goes for those you follow & engage with online 

⭐ Limit the time you spend with those that ‘put you in a bad mood’ 

⭐ ‘Zip up’ your energy. Imagine wearing a full onesie w a big zipper going right up covering to the top of your head & all. Imagine or pretend to zip it up when you are around draining people. Thinking or saying ( obviously before they can hear you) ‘ I’m Zipping up My energy’ 

⭐ Tea tree behind your ears – diluted with carrier oil. This can help energetically from negative comments coming in. Sort of repelling them. Also on your shoulders if you feel ‘like there’s a lot on your shoulders’ 

⭐ Fear & panic and other negative emotions aren’t good for your immune system so nows the time to stop & think about how you feel around certain people / while watching certain programming / reading too much etc. 

⭐Obviously be wise, stay alert to your local health authorities advice, social distancing is a big thing, take care of yourself so your immune system is primed to deal with anything that comes up.