The habit of journalling

New journal vibes ☀️


☀️Does anyone else hesitate starting a new journal or diary? I don’t like making the first mark on the book. I always try to be so neat writing my first page or do something creative. Not that it even matters and it hardly ever turns out how I want. But that’s not the point of journalling for me anyway, I use it like an outlet to get it all out of my head, work things out, work through self development books if they have questions that you are to journal on to go deeper.

☀️ I have been getting back into journalling after watching some videos by she gave some great tips on journal prompts and talked on using journalling to work through various things. Prior to seeing her videos I don’t think I’d journalled at all in 2020 and man what a year to let it slide.

☀️ I needed a new journal, as I’ve filled my last one. Was procrastinating on starting it because – you know the first mark in the book. But what better day to start it than the start of a new month, day post a full moon eclipse in gemini 🌕, first day of summer, first day that I accept that Christmas is coming again this year.


How often do you journal? Everyday, when something comes up, once a week, never 🤷‍♀️

Much love

Kelly xo

Connection to Source – Diffuser blend

Sunday is a spiritual day for many ✨

Diffuser blend via @hol_fit she called it


3 drops Lemon
2 drops Basil
1 drop Arborvitae


Here’s to ‘the energies being perfect today’

Here’s to ‘the energies being perfect today’ 🥂 astrologically as mentioned by @moonologydotcom

Heres to
✨the energy shifts
✨the truth
✨ Changes & transitions
✨ Raise in the vibration
✨ Collective manifestation
✨Good vibes

Here’s to you & I and our perfect timing to be here in all this right now ⚡

Wild crazy magical earth experience ✨⚡

You are enough right now in this exact moment

You already have what it takes ✨

You have the answers, solutions or the resources to find them.

You are enough & worthy of it all right now.

You are powerful & magic.



New Moon Essential oil Blend for setting Intentions

⚡ Franky Friday meets the New Moon ⚡

The new moon in virgo was on the 17th of September. 

🌼Make up this roller ball to use when setting your intentions for the next month. 

🌼Or you could diffuse all or any of the same oils. Diffuse while visualising or Journaling on what it is you want to have had happen in your life by the next full moon. 

🌼 What goals, dreams, manifestations are you setting? What are you calling in? This is the time of the lunar cycle to plant the seeds. 

🌼 Write down everything you desire. Then take some action to work with the ‘universe’ & the moon energy.
Eg. Schedule things in, decide when you will finish something by, tie up loose ends on half finished projects, figure out the steps to get to your goal ‘destination’. 

H A P P Y N E W M O O N⚡🌻