Essential Oils

I’ve done it! I’ve joined Doterra 😱🎉

It was only a matter of time really.

Im into


🔻 natural products

🔻ethical companies

🔻Love natural healing support & wellness support

🔻Im really a hippie & pretty woo

When we got our first major order of the oils & the diffuser (we got the home essentials kit),  the kids were so excited to get that thing going. It was nearing bedtime so went for the trusty old Lavender to help get them to dreamland.


What the hell do you do with those little bottles of good smelling ish?

Before being introduced to the magical land of Doterra I had very limited experience with essential oils.

I had used Lavender, Tea tree, Eucalyptus & a blend for a chakra. But I didn’t really know what else to do with the other scents and was just using generic brands.

It was something I really wanted to get into because of the emotional and physical wellness support that essential oils can offer. But didn’t know where to start.  I am so excited to be learning as I go with these oils.

There is so much you can do with them –  all the blends that you can create. Also the different ways they can be used – some can be added to food, used topically or diffused.

A fav to diffuse is Lemongrass and Wild Orange aka Get shit done. I need it often to get me motivated for a productive day. Wild orange in Brownie is really good too – got that tip from Melissa Ambrosini. (she even DM’d me to let me know quantities – fangirling)

UPDATE – Ive just done a blog series – ‘ Introduction to the top 10 essential oils’  read about the oils & their uses here

Lavender | Peppermint | Oregano | Onguard | Lemon | Tea Tree | Digest Zen | Frankincense

My new tribe

I have joined rad af team aka Team Unicorn  🦄 with lead unicorn 🦄 Leonie Dawson, who I have been a long time fangirl of. I have Leonie’s shining year workbooks as well. The whole team is so supportive and have answered many of my questions in the facebook forums we are a part of.  We have live calls with them as well so its an awesome tribe to be a part of. I’m excited to introduce others to this awesome team.

We are the fastest growing Doterra team of all time.

Been curious about Doterra?

If you have also been curious about Doterra – I know you’ve seen them all over social.

What is it you want to know about Doterra? The oils? The business? What else Doterra offers?

Message me or DM on instagram is easy – hit me up with all your questions & queries.
Keen to get oil now!

If you are keen to dive right in and get some oils now.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 9.39.03 PM

I recommend that you join up as a a member called a Wellness Advocate – its $40 NZD for the year then you get all your oils at the wholesale price. Or if you buy a kit the fee gets waived and you get all the benefits.

I have a “How to order the oils” page for exactly on how to get started. It gives you all the details on how to sign up to get the best oil prices.

Otherwise be in touch & I can help you sign up.

Much Love