Let’s talk about the Vitality Trio

What is it?

The Miessence Vitality Trio is made up of Berry Radical Antioxidant Superfood, Inliven Probiotic Superfood & Deep Green Alkalising Superfood. They all come in freeze dried powdered form, are Raw, Vegan, Certified Organic. They are real wholefoods so suitable for anyone who eats food.


How to take the Superfoods?

  • Berry Radical is fantastic as an afternoon cuppa. Add a teaspoon of the powder to hot water & drink like   this or add a milk of your choice. Also makes a great addition to smoothies for an antioxidant boost & chocolate flavour.
  • Inliven is best with just water, add a teaspoon to water & drink. Preferably in the morning before food but ok anytime. This can also be added to smoothies.
  • Deep Green again great with just water alone or even with Inliven. A teaspoon a day is all you need. Smoothies can be given a green hit with this too.

If you haven’t seen it already get your free superfood ebook here. It features the vitality trio in its recipes which include Energy balls, chocolates & smoothie recipes.


Take a moment to do something for you

I know you are busy taking care of everyone else in your family. Making sure they are all enjoying their lives.

It’s hard for us WAHMs to find a balance sometimes. Between the darlings & running a successful business. We can be left at the bottom of our own list. So do something each day to look after your temple by feeding it the most potent nutrient dense Superfoods with just 3 teaspoons a day.

You’ll be fighting free radicals with powerful antioxidants, have a happy tummy filled with good bugs, be alkalised to really balance you on a cellular level.

Feeding your body with nutrient dense food so you can enjoy your best life.


What others are saying about the vitality trio ~

“I have found the In-Liven marvelous for my digestive problems – much less bloating and tolerating foods that I have avoided for years (especially dairy).” Sheila from Western Australia



imageSarah Wilson is a journalist + TV presenter, writer, creator of the very successful ‘I quit Sugar’ books and program. Sarah has her own blog & said here that Berry Radical has been her secret weapon on her ‘I Quit Sugar’ journey. She mentions she used it as an afternoon ‘treat’ to curb those sugar cravings.



“I have suffered for many years from auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, degenerative heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and a few others. I was a walking pharmacy… I was the world’s greatest cynic as a result of incompetent doctors and being shuffled from one doctor to another with very little success. I have been on In-Liven for about 2 months and even though I still have the diseases, I feel so much better and therefore able to cope with the world’s little downsides. At first the taste was pretty awful but now my palate has become used to the taste I even look forward to taking it. Energy level much higher and general outlook on life much improved.”

Lesley- Australia



How do I become a lifestyle member?

Head over to our shop & add the vitality trio to your cart. Then go to checkout, here you will join as a new customer. This will take you to choose your username & password. After you have done this you will go through to process & pay for your vitality trio.

Now what?

As you wait excitedly to receive your vitality trio in the post , I’ll be in touch to show you how to set up your autoship. This is so you don’t have to worry about running out of superfoods. You can choose from three dates for  your product to be sent. Then each month the vitality trio will automatically arrive in the post so you can continue to nourish your body & with the auto ship it’s one less thing to worry about.

Once you do receive your superfoods you can activate your 30 day affirmation reminders. Positive & beautiful quotes to brighten your day & as a gentle reminder to take your superfoods for the day. This will get you into a nice habit of taking them daily.

Its not the end of the road for us. I’ll always be here to support your wellness journey. I can answer any questions you have & if I’m unsure I’ll do my best to find out for you.

More on the products


In liven $103.60 + Berry Radical $103.60 + Deep Green $103.60

= $310.80


Vitality Trio only $279.70

But your first order is >> $279.70 – 20% = $223.76

Then your subsequent monthly autoship orders are >>

$279.70 -30% = $195.79

It’s like buying 2 get one free!