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  • 5 things I learnt from Food Matters

    5 things I learnt from Food Matters

    Spirulina is the highest protein source food. Cacao is a mega superfood it contains – magnesium, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron & vitamin c (Heat destroys vitamin c though). It is the highest antioxidant content food. The body can’t heal selectively, it heals all ills in the body. The body has its own healing mechanism. Nourish…

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  • 5 ways to Winter wellness

    Grow your own sprouts – lovely to see some ‘life’ in your kitchen at this time of year. Easy to grow, amazing nutrient source & delicious. Add a matcha green tea to your day. Nothing like a hot cuppa on a frosty day. Matcha has many health benefits including enhancing mood, antioxidants & fights against…

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