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  • How radical are you? Is it affecting your wellbeing?

    How Radical are you? You may not want to be as radical as you think. In asking this I’m referring to how radical is your body, not in how damn fly you are. Because we know you fllllyyy. Anywho I’m talking about how radical your body is in relation to these little guys called Free…

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  • 5 ways to Winter wellness

    Grow your own sprouts – lovely to see some ‘life’ in your kitchen at this time of year. Easy to grow, amazing nutrient source & delicious. Add a matcha green tea to your day. Nothing like a hot cuppa on a frosty day. Matcha has many health benefits including enhancing mood, antioxidants & fights against…

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  • Superfoods for arthritis

    Apples Contain anti-inflammatory antioxidants and bone-friendly boron and magnesium.  Eating 100g of apple provides the same antioxidant benefits for inflamed joints as 1500mg vitamin c.  Wash but don’t peel your apples the antioxidants are five times more concentrated in the skin than the flesh. Avocado Contains antioxidant monounsaturated oils, essential fatty acids, beta-sitosterol and vitamin E. Avocado can…

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