5 take aways from Thrive – Arianna Huffington

Thrive book It was summer when I read it. The kids were doing waterplay outside, hence the water in the cover 💦 
I loved Thrive by Arianna Huffington it was such a good reminder to slow down &  we don’t  have to be doing everything. 

I was actually reading it around the time I did the ‘Do less challenge’ with Kate Northrup, so it was perfect.

Thrive also touched on how important sleep is – which is the main topic in her latest book The Sleep Revolution, which I’m currently reading.


 5 take aways from Thrive that resonated with me. 

Measuring success is so much more than how much money you make or how much power you have. It needs to consist of four pillars - Wellbeing, wisdom, wonder and giving

Amen! I cant say much more on that. It’s a good reminder to keep things in check. 

✨How do you rate / feel your live is going on these four pillars?

✨ What can you do to improve each of these four pillars?

✨ What will add to your wellbeing / wisdom / wonder / giving rather than take away from it?
2. Start getting 30 minutes more sleep - go to bed earlier or take a nap.
Sleep is Important to every area of your life. It makes dealing with all that comes your way so much easier. You don’t realise the value of sleep until you aren’t getting it – in my case once I had babies. I now hold sleep on the pedestal it deserves. It affects your health, wellbeing, mental health, ability to concentrate, ability to learn & absorb new information, affects your stress hormones – just to name a few things. Inadequate sleep over the long term will also put you at risk of major burnout. 

Get more sleep you won’t regret it 😴

Love grows brains we need to show children a picture of love as we raise them.
Show children a picture of love 💗 I just loved this. With two young children it was a good reminder that they learn most from observing us, not just by what we are telling them. 

Constantly photographing our lives is interrupting and it can make it hard to settle into conversations
Don’t interupt the good times. We all have far to many photos anyway- what are we going to do with them all. Are our children really going to want them all or are just going to be burdening them with a shit tonne of digital clutter. Be mindful take a few if you must then put the camera/Phone (most likely) down. 

 Be present enjoy the moment. Im as guilty of this as anyone else – “wait dont eat yet I have to instagram that” 🙈
Constantly photographing our lives is interrupting and it can make it hard to settle into conversations
So hard to slow down with all the information, the things you could be doing, feel you should be doing. The way busy busy busy is held up as some sort of great achievement & badge of honour that your life is full. It may be full but is it full of meaningful activities & moments. (That just reminded me of the teacher who filled the jar for his class I’ll link the video here.)

💟 Just do it – just slow down. 

💟 Take a breath. 

💟 Try out some meditation. 

💟 Cross off all the crap off your to do list which you loathe. 

💟 Deligate, eliminate & create space. 

💟 Create space to connect with your family, friends, time to be present with your children.
Evaluate what it is that is taking up ‘all’ your time. Is it meaningful, is it adding value to your life? 


Be sure to check out Thrive if you havent already.

Id love to know one thing you took away from it if you have read it / or once youve read it?

Let me know in the comments below 💟
Much Love


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You never know how close you are to hitting gold

I’m stuck I don’t know what to write.

I have a headache from my wisdom teeth coming up & down.

I’ve been cooking a bunch & over town for my kids today.

This morning I attended the amazing myth of balance summit hosted by Kate Northrup. Loved it.

What do you do when you are stuck, when motivation & inspiration evades you?

How do you get back on track?

All questions I’d love to know the answers to of course.

 Somethings that are keeping me going

✨ Progress not perfection – keep moving forward what’s one thing you can do to move yourself closer to your goal

✨ It’s your game you make the rules – no comparison or other people’s expectations.

✨ Inspiration will come again. The well is not dry.

✨ Be present & enjoy now

✨ You never know how close you are to hitting the gold {Click to tweet} Keep going don’t give up.

You never know how close you are to hitting gold

Im going to finish writing this post & get it out to you.

Tonight im going to relax watch something funny, like actually watch it – not while scrolling on my iPad & checking notifications for Insta on my phone simultaneously. ( 😬 I know I’m not the only one, am I right)

Im going to rub arnica on my neck , grab a cup of berry rad, chill & watch something damn funny.

Let go of all the expectations, worries of the world, be present & enjoy the quiet time to myself. Get an early night, restful sleep & wake up refreshed.

Wow I just pulled this Miracles new card from the deck after writing this 😳🙌🏼



Much love