Miessence February Birthday Blast

Help everyone at Miessence celebrate our birthday! We have some awesome presents just for you. We’re celebrating our birthday between Sunday, 1 February to Saturday, 28 February AEST inclusive

GIFT 1: More Discounts For Everyone!

Just look for the points next to the prices

Discounts for Customers during February:

Spend between 75 – 299 Points = 25% discount
Spend over 300 Points = 30% discount
Discounts for Miessence Independent Representatives during February

Spend between 200-499 Points = 35% discount
Spend over 500 Points = 40% discount
There are no promo codes to remember – your discount will be applied automatically!

Start shopping here

GIFT 2: No joining fee for new Miessence Representatives

Join the fun and become your own boss! Join thousands of Miessence Independent Representatives around the world to earn additional income

What more can we say? For the entire month of February, you can join as a Miessence Representative with no joining fee! Take action now,

Wellbeing Wednesday ~ We had a great idea



We had a great idea and then made it a reality. Lucky for us the wonderful team at Miessence followed through on their dream for chemical free skincare, cosmetics & nutritional products. Creating the worlds first organically certified nutritional, health and beauty products.

If you want to know more about what they created, check it out their vision here.

Wellbeing Wednesday – Looks can be deceiving


Products aren’t always what they seem beware of green washing which is more and more common as companies are trying to cash in on the organic ‘trend’.

Check out the miessence list of toxic ingredients so you know what to look out for when buying for your family.

Fatal attraction – cosmetic & chemicals

A great info graphic from Cosmetology School  outlining some of the harmful ingredients that are in products that people are using daily. If you are interested in products which do the trick without all these nasty’s head over to our store

Fatal Attraction
Created by: CosmetologySchool.org

Beauty Company winner >> Green Lifestyle Awards 2012

….Green Lifestyle Awards 2012….
Beauty – Company WINNER
++  Miessence ++

“One of the first in the world to produce organically certified skincare, Miessence has paved the way to healthier body, hair and skin. Besides offering beautiful all-natural products, the company is also completely carbon negative.”

I was so excited to see this when reading through Green lifestyle magazine. I’m a representative for Miessence so if you’d like to know more about the company & its products leave me a comment below.
You’ll also find our store in the sidebar or here. The store has lots of information about the skincare, cosmetics & body care products which are all organic, pure & potent.
I am more focused on the superfoods here on organicgoody.com but I love & use miessence products across the range.
Any q’s hit me up in the comments below.