Franky Friday – Diffuser Blend 1st May 2020

Each week I share a different way to use the ‘King of Oils’ aka Frankincense aka Franky boy aka Franky.

It’s either one of the three ways which you can use essential oils. Topically, Aromatically or internally ( which is OK for Frankincense but not the case for all oils. Also I’m only talking about doterra)

Today I’m sharing a way to use Franky Aromatically through scent.

Gratitude diffuser blend

Start of a new month.

End of another ‘work’ week. A Perfect time to reflect on all you are grateful for.

Things you ‘already have’ & that on its way to you. So much to be grateful for.

The blend

🔆 2 drops  Frankincense

🔆2 drops of wild orange (the oil of abundance)

⭐️ A daily gratitude practice is something worth incorporating if you don’t already have one. It can be as simple as thinking of everything you are grateful for after you wake up while saying thank you, writing down a gratitude list, writing 3 things you are grateful for, going around the table before a meal and saying one thing each, recording it in a voice memo.

🔆 Show gratitude for all the things you love & want to keep in your life and things you want to attract more of. Speak in the present tense for that which you are wanting to bring into your life. I have a blog post on starting your own gratitude practice here

Check in each Friday for other Frankincense uses. I also have post here on the Benefits & Uses of Frankincense.

If you don’t yet have your own oils & would like some you can order right here. Feel free to message me if you need help selecting the right starter kit.

Much love

Keeping surfaces clean at home during Covid 19

I’m Spraying & wiping everything these days. 

☀️All the door handles, surfaces, light switches. 

☀️I even wipe down all the things I get delivered or buy from the supermarket. Anyone else?

☀️ Its more peace of mind.

☀️ But they say that wiping a surface disrupts any virus present on the surface just like when you wash your hands. 

☀️ I’ve been using the onguard cleaning concentrate. It’s diluted in the pink spray bottle – I do about 3 squirts and fill with h20. And the spray bottle is quite small. The onguard concentrate has a dilution ration of 30ml to a litre of water. So it lasts me awhile. 

☀️Even just wiping down handles etc with hot soapy water is better than nothing. 

☀️We are getting a good dose of onguard essential oil blend everywhere – its in this cleaner so on all the clean surfaces, in our toothpaste, in the diffuser & on feet, spine, chest diluted. That is the essential oil – we don’t rub the cleaner on ourselves. Supporting our immune systems

Take care


Introduction to the Top 10 Essentials Oils – Lemon

Lemon  oil 🍋  I love this citrus scent & it has amazing benefits.


Lemon oil has so many uses including

💛 Strengthening immune system
💛 Brightening mood – it’s an uplifting oil
💛 Detoxifies liver, gall bladder & lymphatic system
💛 Cleaning
💛 Refreshing laundry – add a couple of drops in the laundry detergent compartment on your washing machine.
💛 A powerful Antioxidant 
💛 Deodorises – on a rag in stinky shoes
💛 Focus – stay on task

💛 Clean oil & black grease from hands

💛 Furniture polish – mixed with olive oil
💛 Respiratory support


Emotional Benefits of Lemon oil

Lemon is the oil of focus. Great if your mind wanders and you have unfinished projects.

Lemon helps clear self judgement & negative self talk. It can also help calm fears, insecurities & restore confidence.

Lemon can be a source of playfulness & bring ease to the heart. Can help ease feelings of depression by restoring happiness & joy.

Ways I use Lemon oil

💟 In my seasonal blend with peppermint & Lavender. Helps support allergies / hay fever symptoms.
💟 A drop in warm water each morning
💟   In cooking –  with cooked spinach esp when I cook it with coconut cream. Also with tuna or salmon. Fresh salad with avocado to stop it browning.

Ways I want to use lemon oil

📌 Strengthening  & hardening nails
📌 diffuser blend with lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree & peppermint  =  clean linen
📌 Lemon bliss balls
📌 wake up diffuser blend with orange & peppermint ⬇️
📌  Diffused alone to eliminate odor

📌 Protecting & conditioning leather


 Top ten Oils  we’ve covered –


Now Lemon

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Kelly xo