Fasting while your cells are feasting

So our product partner Miessence has a new product dropping this month.

To be honest when I heard they were thinking of releasing this type of product I was a bit disappointed.  I didn’t think it was aligned with the brand.

The product is called FAST and it’s a fasting & weightloss superfood supplement. I didn’t think Miessence was in the fast fix, diet game. I thought it was abit cheap & a trend follow.

But then I found out some more.

Fast tub banner

And boy did I change my mind.

It’s real food but like the most optimal real food. Certified organic, superfoods in their most pure & potent form. No fillers, no crap, no pesticides, GMOs. Nothing but the real deal. Click to tweet 

The goal of fasting isn’t to fix something or just get skinny.

It’s to get out of the way of the body’s natural tendency toward health & wellness.

Our bodies are designed to have a perfectly good, inbuilt detoxification system that works to remove the waste products of everyday living from every cell in our body. However, our modern lives can place a huge burden on this system.

Stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and poor diet are all culprits in creating poor health! Fasting can be one way to bring a little balance back into our lives and create the space that our bodies need to heal.

Studies show that fasting for three days can regenerate the entire immune system, new research suggests starving the body kick-starts stem cells into producing new white blood cells, which fight off infection.

Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan discovered that when cells are starved they use up all the waste & debris by consuming it for energy. Cleaning up your body.
Now I know all this I am eagerly anticipating the delivery of my FAST order. I’ve already preordered mine here.

Fast banner

FAST facts

FAST is a certified organic, nutritionally supported 3-day fast for sustained weight loss without the usual hunger.
After just 3 short days, you will wake up feeling lighter and cleaner, energised, refreshed and satisfied with an improvement in digestion, elimination, mental clarity, skin and sleep.

I’ve heard enough. I want FAST now. Shut up & take my money

FAST is a:
1. Weight Loss Formula
2. Protein Shake
3. Prebiotic Supplement
4. Fibre Supplement
5. Green Alkalising Supplement
6. Liver and Colon Cleansing Supplement
7. Super Antioxidant Drink
8. Immune Support Supplement
9. Energy Drink
The FAST trial participants have been losing up to 3kg/6lbs* or even MORE as part of an ongoing intermittent fasting program for improved organ health, cell rejuvenation and general wellbeing.
They’ve also reported benefits such as feeling:
– lighter & cleaner
– energised
– refreshed & satisfied!
Plus they’ve seen improvements in digestion, elimination, mental clarity, skin and sleep!

A few words from the lucky FAST early birds

Narelle Photo testimonial

As product creator, Narelle has tested this product a few times: it is one of the perks of the job! She recently completed her first proper trial of FAST and the results were better than anyone expected! In 3 days she lost 3.5kg (7.7 lbs), an amazing 2.9% body fat and actually INCREASED her body hydration by 2%. So the weight she lost with FAST was definitely not water loss! In a follow up FAST, Narelle did not lose much further weight as she has now reached her body’s healthy set-point. She’s definitely happy with the results!

Bex testimonial photo

Introducing Bek, Miessence brand new Marketing Assistant! She was one of the particpants in trialing FAST and she lost 2.5kg/5.5lbs. Bek had this to say about her experience:
“I only started working for ONEgroup in the marketing department a couple of months ago and I can tell you it’s been an exciting ride! While I am very busy working here at HQ and also running my own eco cleaning business in Brisbane, I haven’t had a lot of time for personal health which has definitely had it’s impact! As we all know, life can catch up with us, and it did with me. As soon as I heard about FAST at work, I immediately put my hand up to try it out and I was so glad I did! After the 3 days, I felt so much lighter and my mood was incredible! My sleep also improved dramatically. I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on some more as I think it will be a great product to help me cleanse every couple of months and keep me on top. Thanks for letting me trial it out!!”

-Rebekah Daw.

Samyo testimonial photo

While we’ve had many people try a short 3 day FAST, this product has also been working for longer intermittent fasting programs and those with higher weight loss needs. From a starting weight of 119.7kgs Samyo Dalgarno has been starting every week with our 3 day FAST. After 4 weeks (4 tubs), he has lost over 10.5kg and reached his first weight loss goal of dropping below 110kg! Samyo’s

Samyo has been starting his week every week with a 3 day FAST… and the results are in! Samyo has lost 12.1kg this month AND feels better inside and out! Here’s a little of what Samyo had to say about reaching this milestone:
“Day 32 .. The Weekly Weigh in …. and ….. I am now down to 107.6 … from 119.7 … so that is a net loss of 12.1 kgs in 31 days … am I a happy camper or what !!!
“Big thanks to Narelle personally and the team at Miessence for having the courage to back me in my idea and your support has been awesome thank you so much … I love their integrity and their mission,
“Apart from the weight loss, the body changes and the mental changes from this whole Super Food – Probiotic approach are just amazing … I am just absolutely glowing on the inside and folk are noticing and commenting, which is just confirmation of my own inner shift.”

It seems that FAST is impressing even the ‘experts’.

Miessence Representative Jim Keuny sent Claire Bridges, a well-known naturopathic doctor, a list of the ingredients in FAST and asked her to review them.

Her response

“Great blend of blood, lymph and liver cleansers (dandelion root and burdock root are two of my faves!) as well as protein and high nutrient containing foods!
Do you know the specific mg. on the cascara and aloe?
Thank you so much for sending this to me!”

After Jim sent her the numbers she asked for, Claire replied:
“Okay, that’s the approx. recommended suggested amount on those two (aloe and cascara).
I’m about to do a seasonal fast but, personally, do not do well with aloe. However, if I do one serving a day and then something different the other two times a day I should be fine. I’m considering ordering some to try just because of the blend of herbs and the purity of the line.”

Pretty impressive when an impartial expert feels this way.

So if you are looking to regenerate your immune system, feel refreshed, get some mental clarity & cleanse your body. Join me in trying out the first round of FAST as it drops later this month ( the excitement ✨🙌💗😝) Order your FAST here

I’m looking forward to giving my system a break by feeding it only the pure & potent nutrients that make FAST awesome.

Let me know in the comments below the one thing you want the most from FAST?

Also if you are joining me on the preorder I’ll send you the link for the FAST facebook group, so you can mingle with others using FAST and get support.

Much love