Collective energy & the pink supermoon April 2020

Image via Maria Lonsor

🌕Pink Supermoon~ collective energy🌕

You may have been irritable & ungrounded lately, as though everything is falling apart around us & the world no longer feels recognisable & secure.

Partly due to the collective challenges we are facing & our energetic bodies being out of alignment. Also intense magnetic force from the moon causes havoc with our personal electromagnetic field.

Feel like you’ve been taking on negative energies? Water is an emotional cleanser – place both hands under running water for a few mins whenever energies become enhanced.

Between now & May’s Super Moon the collective clarity will be on levels we’ve never known, As we experience a new rawness & reality within our daily existence. Together our awareness of the world, humanity, nature & our place in it will reach new heights. We will be discovering the true meaning of unity & oneness.

Ritual for the supermoon

Take a few moments to gaze up at the Full Moon both tonight & tomorrow night.

❤️release fear & receive renewed faith.

❤️Breathe in the healing lunar energy that is flooding our planet

❤️Know that our Universe is with us on this journey & we are all in this together.

❤️Our planet, our entire Solar System, Source Energy & humanity is working toward the same goal at this time.

We are all vital in this challenge, & we are pulling together to figure a way through this in ways that were previously unimaginable. Seeing, hearing, & experiencing things we never THOUGHT possible. Placing unprecedented trust in one another, knowing that we need each other like never before & despite the solitude we find ourselves in, we are far more connected than ever before.

Absorb the lunar love. Become aware of the magnitude of your inner strength. Look out for the beauty in life. Take in the random acts of kindness going on all across the world. Watch how strangers are showing immense levels of respect & gratitude toward one another. Imbalances & judgement are being removed. Know that we have got one another. We are holding one another through our suffering, healing & through it all we are empathetically and compassionately growing as One .

What a time to be alive 🌸

Via @alex.myles image via @matialonsor

Pink Supermoon April 2020

🌕Full Moon🌕 it’ a Super moon.

The biggest & brightest Full Moon of the year. Bringing with it a surge of potent but highly positive energies.

It is the 3rd Super Full Moon in a row and unlike regular Full Moons—in which the energy lasts for a few days—the highly charged, intense and life-altering energy of this Supermoon sequence is felt consistently throughout this period – from February through to the next Supermoon in May.

The full moon in Libra

❤️ balancing


❤️balancing masculine and feminine energies

❤️ Inner shift to realign your own energy which has fallen out of alignment

Time for

❤️Self care

❤️ Nourishing mind body & soul

❤️ Salt baths

❤️ Meditation

❤️ Listen to soothing music

❤️ Centre & ground yourself

❤️ Spend time in nature

❤️ Disconnect from things / people who drain your energy

Can stir up emotions especially being a supermoon.

Old energy will be clearing & new energy coming in. Helping you to find closure on certain chapters while remaining open to new opportunities, connections & possibilities

We have gone through many drastic energy shifts lately, which have taken us through personal transformation and caused us to vibrate on an entirely different frequency

This Supermoon brings another major and quite abrupt awakening, we will see everything around us as though we are perceiving it all for the first time. The illusions that once surrounded us are speedily dissipating and we will have no option but to view things as they are, rather than what we want to believe

Via @alex.myles 🌕❤️

This full moon completes a 19 year cycle!

The July 17th 2019 Full moon is a Lunar Eclipse which completes a cycle which started in July 2000 😱

That blows my mind

✨ Where were you in July 2000?

✨What were you doing?

✨ Do you feel like you have something to let go of from that time?

✨ Is there something you’ve been telling yourself or holding onto?

🌕 A Full moon is a great time to let go of what is no longer serving you in general.

✨Declutter – your environment, Your mind – do a brain dump / conscious stream of thought / journal 📔/ meditation

✨ Use Tapping/EFT to clear negative thought patterns / limiting beliefs / blocks

✨ Just decide to drop something / stop believing something / forgive.

✨ Does it make you Feel GOOD? No? LET IT GO. 🦄

Who have you become?

I love how Kate asked Who have you become in the past 19 years?

Like really think about that & celebrate that. You’ve likely been through many evolutions of yourself to be who you are today.

And You are ever evolving baby so just take the good with you 💖

Happy Full moon 🐺 🌕

Check out Kate Northrup – she talks about working with your cycle, the lunar cycle and doing less to create your best life 💕

Much love