Is it your time to join the essential oil movement?

I’m obviously oil obsessed but they are just so amazing for supporting mind, body and soul truely.

Not just a pretty smell.

⚡️They can be used to support physical health – bumps, bruises, detox, immune support and so much more.

⚡️Emotional support – uplifting oils, calming oils, oils to support forgiveness and every other emotion we’ve prob got an oil for that.

⚡️Many of the oils have another meaning eg Wild orange is the oil of Abundance, peppermint is the oil of a buoyant heart. They can offer spiritual support and can be used to create rituals.

Free oils of your choice

This month is an amazing time to join.

⚡️There’s a 50/50 point promotion going on in doTERRA right now, where if you join with an order of 125+ points, you’ll receive 50 product points into your account (approx $50-60 of product) to spend as you wish on doTERRA. And so will your oils helper. Win/Win!!

The doTERRA 50point promotion runs until 30th November, midnight Utah time.
Things you need to know:

⚡️Buying wholesale saves you $$$! Having your own account gives you 25% off everything straight away. To join and get your own account it’s $40 NZD or if you buy a kit the fee is waived and you get access to the wholesale prices.

⚡️Buying on the Loyalty Rewards Program gives you wholesale prices (saving 25% straight away), AND the ability to earn points to use for free product. Unlike some rewards programs, in doTERRA, your points accumulate FAST!

⚡️Joining with an enrolment kit will save you the MOST $$$. They’re designed to give you everything you need in one pack, so you can get started right away. I love the Home essentials kit

More freebies ⬇️

I’ve also just finished up another sample showcase. Its an online oil education series which runs for a week. The participants are offered special bonuses.
love to offer you the same bonuses if you were looking to join Doterra w me this month. Just for being in my squad.

If you join with a 125point+ order, you’ll receive a FREE Wild Orange 5ml, PLUS a 115ml Fractionated Coconut Oil AND the 50 doTERRA points so that you can start diluting and applying your oils straight away.


If you join with a 400point+ order, you’ll receive a FREE Wild Orange 5ml, PLUS a 115 ml Fractionated Coconut Oil, PLUS a 15ml Balance blend AND the 50 doTERRA points too.

Here’s how to order if you want to grab the freebies

It has to go through my special Doterra number to get them and be in my Doterra squad so I can support you with your oils ♥️

Any help or questions please message me

Much love


August Oil Specials



Join Doterra with me in August 2018 & I’ve got some extra goodies for you.

When you join me anytime you get

Access to our Team Unicorn FB group – 1000s of oil lovers to answer questions & loads of info to search
An emailed Oils mini course to get you started using your oils
A getting started chat / wellness consult
Welcome mail
Access to all our teams biz training if you want to do this as a biz

This months bonuses

Join with the $40NZD enrolment fee – to access the wholesale prices. Then chose any oils or Doterra products you like to make up at least 100points.
🎁 I’ll gift you the Modern Essentials App. This is the oil bible & having the app you always have it with you. So it’s easy to look up any ailments or reference oil uses quickly.

Join me with a kit – I recommend the Home Essentials kit. When you join with a kit the enrolment fee is waived – you get access to the wholesale prices.
I’ll gift you the Modern Essentials App. This is the oil bible & having the app you always have it with you. So it’s easy to look up any ailments or reference oil uses quickly.
I’ll pay for your fractionated coconut oil. You add it to your order & I’ll paypal or direct credit the $ to you. This is so you receive everything together & can get started using everything straight away.

(🇺🇸 US & CANADA 🇨🇦 Extra lucky month for you if your order is over 200pv – the home essentials kit is 235pv, youll get a 5 ml of Litsea & a Manuka rollerball Free too 🎉these two oils aren’t usually available in your area. AKA it’s the best time for you to join)

Ready to order – head over here for instructions on how to
Still have questions – message me or DM on instagram 💖

Share this with anyone you know who’s been thinking about getting oils


Much love


Exciting Announcement! Did you see it coming? 

I’ve done it! I’ve joined Doterra 😱🎉

It was only a matter of time really.

Im into


🔻 natural products

🔻ethical companies

🔻Love natural healing support & wellness support

🔻Im really a hippie & pretty woo

We got our first major order of the oils yesterday and a new diffuser. The kids were so excited to get that thing going. It was nearing bedtime so went for the trusty old Lavender to help get them to dreamland.

What the hell do you do with those little bottles of good smelling ish?

Before being introduced to the magical land of Doterra I had very limited experience with essential oils.

I had used Lavender, Tea tree, Eucalyptus & a blend for a chakra. But I didn’t really know what else to do with the other scents and was just using generic brands.

It was something I really wanted to get into because of the emotional and physical wellness support that essential oils can offer. But didn’t know where to start. I am so excited to be learning as I go with these oils.

There is so much you can do with them – all the blends that you can create. Also the different ways they can be used – some can be added to food, used topically or diffused.

A fav to diffuse is Lemongrass and Wild Orange aka Get shit done. I need it often to get me motivated for a productive day. Wild orange in Brownie is really good too – got that tip from Melissa Ambrosini. (she even DM’d me to let me know quantities – fangirling)

My new team

I have joined rad af team aka Team Unicorn 🦄 with lead unicorn 🦄 Leonie Dawson, who I have been a long time fangirl of. I have her shining year workbooks as well. The whole team is so supportive and have answered many of my questions in the facebook forums we are a part of. We have live calls with them as well so its an awesome tribe to be a part of. I’m excited to introduce others to this awesome team.

Been curious about Doterra?

If you have also been curious about Doterra – I know you’ve seen them all over social.

What is it you want to know about Doterra? The oils? The business? What else Doterra offers?

Message me or DM on instagram is easy – hit me up with all your questions & queries.

Keen to get oil now!

If you are keen to dive right in and get some oils now.

I recommend that you join up as a a member called a Wellness Advocate – its $35 for the year then you get all your oils at the wholesale price. Or if you buy a kit the fee gets waived and you get all the benefits.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 9.39.03 PM

You can start your browsing here – read the purple piece under my photo. It gives you all the details on how to sign up to get the best oil prices.

Otherwise be in touch & I can help you sign up.

Much Love