Fab Friday 

Images via Pinterest as linked below

It’s the freaken weekend.. I’m loving 

+ Girlove – lifting each other up not tearing each other down 

+ This place looks amazing &  that mosaic tile piece👌🏽

+ Smoothie bowls are pretty af

+ Sometimes you forgo the smoothie bowl for kawaii bear donuts. Balance & all that 

What are you loving today ? 

Enjoy your week 

Kelly xo

Fab Friday 

Fab Friday - ethical leggings, panda donut, carnations & gypsophila, Otago New Zealand heavy frost                                           Images via Pinterest 

Friday is here – busy week post ‘school’ holidays. 

I’m loving 

+ ALAS ethical leggings 

+ Panda 🐼 donut 🍩 too fricken cute 

+ Can’t bet carnations & gypsophila esp in the front basket of a bicycle 

+ Beautiful & very cold Otago New Zealand. Very heavy frost ❄️ 

What are you loving today? Let me know in the comments below. I love links to Pinterest goodness ☺️ 

Enjoy your week 

Kelly xo