Setting new Intentions for a new month

Image via @odwyer_sio9 🌷💕

🌷 September | Spring 🌷

New season new month. 

🌸It’s a wild time. Setting yourself up when some new month intentions / goals, gives you something to focus on. 

🍄 Learn a new skill
🍄declutter & organise – physical environment & digital space 
🍄 simplify
🍄 start growing your own food
🍄 research, question & stay curious
🍄 Read
🍄heal & develop thyself 
🍄 decentralise
🍄 well-being & fitness intentions 

Thee list goes on…

Journaling on it to see what comes up can get ideas flowing. Helping you can get clear on what it is you desire. 

Happy September Happy Spring and it’s still Happy Virgo season 💫☀️⚡️

I would love to hear your fave new month intention in the comments below.

Much love


Queen B Abundance affirmations

I made this Queen B abundance affirmation graphic for you!

Access your inner B.⠀
Say these affirmations like a Queen. ⠀

✨Believe it, receive it, you that baddie & you’re worth it. ⠀

💖My heart is open to receiving abundance⠀

💖I am open to receiving prosperity & abundance⠀

💖I am open to money coming to me from new ways i never imagined⠀

💖I am open go receiving streams of financial abundance with ease. I am able to give back even more to the world around me ⠀

How good is Beyoncé’s ott-for-the-desert 🏜 outfit? ⠀
That’s how you show up. ⠀
No hiding or playing small for queens 👸🏾 ⠀


Much love

Kelly xo

New Moon Ritual to plan your month 

New Moon in Leo

I’m still going on this woo woo track.

I posted about the ritual we did the other day, following the new moon. It’s here 

Leo is ‘ruling’ this month

New moon ritual from Gala Darling

✨Write out all your desires for the month ( from the new moon to the full moon).

✨Write these out on the new moon

✨Review on the full moon – you’ll see what came into fruition, what worked, what didnt, what you will continue to pursue and what you will happily let go of.


Writing down desires isn’t anything new but

💖 it’s a fun way to do it.

💖It’s aligned with the lunar calendar – it doesn’t start at the calendar beginning and ends of the month – which can both be busy times.

💖You have the power of the current sign behind you so you can look deeper into that and see what powers, qualities, attributes that zodiac has and use this to your advantage.


Between you & me

I’m just starting to learn more about all this Astrological goodness. Ive been reading a lot of Gala Darling‘s posts as well  the Astrotwins – who are all bad bitches and know what they are talking about.

What I do know is that writing down your intentions for the month is powerful. 

Whether you use it as a to do list or ‘let it go’ out to the universe to be manifested. 

Why not let the lunar help you out with it?

This ties in well with the How to start your own Gratitude practice 
Do you have any rituals you do around the lunar calendar?

Much love 



How to start your own Gratitude practice 

I have almost finished my fave gratitude journal so was inspired to write this post.

My Kikki K gratitude journal almost full I love the gold edging 👌🏽

Do you practice gratitude?

I guess I was first introduced to it via The Secret back in 2006. Which talks about being thankful for what you have now & talking in a present tense about future desires you wish to manifest.

Getting the gratitude journal from Kikki K helped me to make it a practice.

The journal has 3 spaces for each day. Here you write down three things you are grateful for. I often use up more than the three spaces depending how inspired I am.

A great tip from Marie Forleo was to really build out your gratitudes – write very detailed & specific descriptions for each grateful. Especially if it is something you are looking to bring into being – manifest.

Practicing gratitude brings more things to be grateful for into your life.

It’s a favourite practice of many well known figures – Oprah, Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo to name a few.

Benefits of practicing Gratitude

♥️ Improved mental health

♥️ improved cardiac health

♥️ improves immunity

♥️ improves quality of sleep

♥️ Shifts your perspective – changes the way your see the world

Some easy ways to get started with your Own gratitude practice

💗 Think of 3 things you are grateful for as you get out of bed

💗 Say ‘Thankyou’ with each step you take from the bed to the bathroom ( usually the first port of call) when you get up

💗 Start a gratitude ‘note’ in notes app on your phone. Write 3 things at a certain time each day or when you get a few minutes eg while waiting in line etc

💗 Get a notebook / gratitude journal like my new one. Another Kikki K gem.

💗 If you don’t want another notebook have a section in your current daily planner or journal.

💗 You can have reminders on your mirror, fridge or wall. ‘What are you grateful for today?’ Or even a scheduled reminder on your phone.

💗 Go around the table at meal time & each person says what they are grateful for today.

💗 You can join a gratitude challenge on Instagram or do your own one like this

Gratitude Inspiration


Quote Images via Pinterest

♥️ I am so thankful for you, your support & for you taking the time to read my ramblings. ♥️

All the best with your gratitude practice I’d love to see how you practice. Let me know in the comments below or on social @kellystevensonlal on most platforms.

Much love & gratitude

Kelly xo

The power of yet

The Power of Yet!

An empowering message for the little people & the big people alike.

It’s ok lady

+ If you aren’t the person you want to be YET

+ If you aren’t the mama you desire to be YET
+ If you haven’t got that organised home & minimalist life YET
+ If you don’t love yourself 100% YET
+ If your business isn’t where you want it to be YET
+ If you haven’t got your dream body YET
+ If you aren’t as fit as you’d like to be YET
+ If you aren’t as healthy as you’d like to be YET
+ If you don’t eat as well as you’d like  ( you guessed it ➡️) YET

And it goes on..fill in your own.

Its ok, chill! It will come. Enjoy the journey.

Show gratitude for where you are, what you have & for your achievements

Don’t worry about all the things you haven’t done. That is truly the power of yet, it can still happen.

Also don’t get caught up in comparison when you are thinking about what you want on your list.

Keep going, don’t give up.

⭐️ Set the goals

⭐️ Set the intentions

⭐️ Break it down- What do you have to do to get there? Who do you have to become to be the top of your game? What is it you are chasing?  Is it really the dream body or what feeling is behind that?

Danielle Laporte is all about finding your core desired feelings – the real feelings you are chasing & how you want to feel on the daily. Check out her Desire Map & Fire Starter sessions to get to the heart of what it is you truly deeply desire 💜

⭐️ So do you still want all this? All this stuff that you haven’t got YET? Get clear what it is you really want & how you truly want to feel. Then get to it start working towards it.

Keep going & don’t give up. I’m cheering you on 🎉

But before you get into the deep stuff grab the kids turn up the volume & have a good dance to the power of yet 💃 Get your Janelle Monae on – she’s awesome & so are you 💜

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What is one thing on your haven’t-got-it-yet-but- I’ll-get-it list, that you want to achieve in the next year?

Much love


15 videos I loved in 2015



I loved watching these 15 videos this year. Some I learnt from, some had great reminders & all had fantastic content. Be sure to check them out.

Elizabeth Gilbert & Marie Forleo on Fear, Authenticity and Big Magic

Diet Plans Don’t Work. Here’s What Does. Glimpse TV with Sarah Jenks

How to Tap: Emotional Freedom Technique 

Conscious Parenting: Shefali Tsabary at TEDxSF

My year of living without money: Carolien Hoogland | TEDx

Magic, Manifesting, And Living The Life Of Your Dreams

+Danielle LaPorte: Living With Fire and Desire

Biohack Your Hormones and Reclaim Your Life with Sara Gottfried

A meditation practice that will change your life

How to Tidy the KonMari Way | The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality

+David Wolfe Discusses The Benefits of Barefoot Walking

Feeding Nine Billion Video 1: Solutions to the Global Food Crisis 

Regaining Health, Energy, and Passion Through Eating Plants – Fully Raw Kristina

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: 2015 Wellesley College Commencement Speaker

I would love to hear about your favourite video you watched this year. Leave me a comment below letting me know which one you loved.

Enjoy the reflection of 2015 as it comes to the end