Thoughts 🌻 6.3.21

As I sit here with my cup of Joe. mm delicious plunger coffee the smell the taste so good.

Anyway its 6.30am I’m up in a silent house bar the clock ticking very loudly behind me and the tap tap of the keyboard now. I wouldn’t usually start my computer and come on here this early for sure. But something about no one else being up yet and the urge to write.

I got up earlier with my husband but he’s gone off to work awhile ago. So its just me awake and its bliss because those little humans are relentless.

I have tried in the past to get up early to bet them to it so to speak but they always end up walking out and then I have to go through he motions of morning cuddles, breakfast and we start our day. I mean one day they will leave me in peace and It’ll be bitter sweet so I revel in it for now anyway. Just like the endless times I have to go down to their room at bedtime to hug them again and reassure them of something. One of them gets very worried about all the things and I mean all the random things when they get really tired. Those nights are luckily few and far between but we had one this week and it was exhausting and frustrating for me.

The first weekend in March and it feels like this year has been going so fast but this week has really extended in time. I wrote an instagram post on March 1st about what march smells like and it seems like a lifetime since I wrote it as my week was filled with reading, assessing, sharing so much of what is going on in the world and NZ right now. Are you feeling the weight of it all? The confusion. We need to trust in the higher that this will all pan out in our favour, in humanities favour. For our freedoms, human rights and our birthright to thrive on this earth.

Today I need to do another declutter in my room. My drawers are becoming so stuffed with clothes again. Im not sure how but I think I might have pulled out some thick winter clothes on cooler days over the last month and now things aren’t fitting like they were. ( I did a major house and room declutter earlier this year). Need to release more out into the secondhand realm. I also want to get into a book, like sit and read for a good amount of time. My attention span is getting worse and worse. I find it hard to really focus and hook into a book at the mo. Maybe its the books or maybe its me.

Yesterday we chilled at home – made homemade pizzas, washing because the weather was awesome, woodwork, dog walk, cooking, cleaning, reading, lego, sprinkler and…

Pokemon Go – kids have just got into it after one became interested in the books, then we watched some series, then we watched the Pokemon movie. We looked up to see what Pikachu evolves into ( Raichu), then we saw some cards and then some other stats of Pokemon online. I mentioned ‘oh yeah there’s an app you can collect Pokemon’. So now we collect virtual Pokemon, they are well into it. Side note I have a wee plastic pikachu from like 98-99? that when you touch the metal tabs on the feet at the same time it says “Pika Pika Pikachu.”

Anyway there’s some musings to start my day.

Have a beautiful day


How to do morning pages.

Clearing my head 🌸 with the help of Morning pages

I stopped doing my morning pages about 4 months ago and I really notice the difference.

When I’m practicing them

🌠I have a clearer head it’s like a brain dump every morning
🌠 Ideas flow to me
🌠I remember things I need to do

How to do your morning pages

🌸The idea is sit down pretty much as soon as you get up. Often after getting a cuppa. It can be done at anytime of the day it will still benefit. By doing it in the morning it helps to catch all the thoughts that have been rolling around your head overnight.

🌸You write a constant stream of thoughts and fill three A4 size pages.

🌸It’s like a type of meditation really. You are writing whatever thought comes to your head & if nothing comes you write ‘I don’t know what to write’ until something pops up again.

🌸 This clears your mind & brings up so many great ideas.

Creative people often use this technique & it was coined by Julia Cameron in her book/course the artists way.

Which I recommend and recently got free. I also saw a collection of her three books in one book “The complete Artists way – Creativity as a Spiritual Practice“, at the library and it also looks great.

I’ve been back doing morning pages this week.

What are your morning non negotiables?

Let me know in the comments below

Much love

Kelly xo

Contains Affiliate links for the books

3 things you can do to start your day right

3 things you can do to start your day right

Here are three simple things that you can add to your morning routine to start your day right.

1. Start the day with Gratitude

As you step out of bed. Think of 3 things you are grateful for. As you walk to the bathroom or wherever you head to first, say ‘thank you’ with each step you take. Life will give you more of that which you appreciate. You can also write these 3 things down in your journal or create a gratitude journal if you wish.

2. Rehydrate, refresh, reboot

Have a nice warm glass of water with a lemon wedge squeezed into it. This will help rehydrate you, it’s got vitamin c in it & it will get your metabolism into gear for the day.

3. Have a good stretch.

Whether you are a morning exerciser or not, spend some time just stretching. It can help to go from toe to head stretching each area ‘in order’ to get it all covered & so you can remember where you are up to. Ankles, calves, quads, hamstrings, hips, back, chest, triceps, neck. Something like that just do the stretches you know for each area & hold them for a decent length of time.

Bonus – Morning pages

This is where you sit down pretty much as soon as you get up . ( in this case it would be before the stretching). You write a constant stream of thoughts & write 3 A4 size pages. It’s like a type of meditation really. You are writing whatever thought comes to your head & if nothing comes you write ‘I don’t know what to write’ until something pops up again. This clears your mind & brings up so many great ideas. Creative people often use this technique & it was via Julia Cameron that I first heard about it.

Lavendaire also did a video about morning pages

💗 Let me know in the comments below what your favourite morning ritual is?

Much love