Setting new Intentions for a new month

Image via @odwyer_sio9 🌷💕

🌷 September | Spring 🌷

New season new month. 

🌸It’s a wild time. Setting yourself up when some new month intentions / goals, gives you something to focus on. 

🍄 Learn a new skill
🍄declutter & organise – physical environment & digital space 
🍄 simplify
🍄 start growing your own food
🍄 research, question & stay curious
🍄 Read
🍄heal & develop thyself 
🍄 decentralise
🍄 well-being & fitness intentions 

Thee list goes on…

Journaling on it to see what comes up can get ideas flowing. Helping you can get clear on what it is you desire. 

Happy September Happy Spring and it’s still Happy Virgo season 💫☀️⚡️

I would love to hear your fave new month intention in the comments below.

Much love


Creating habits for the new month ahead


Set yourself up to create the new habits you need to be doing, to ‘become’ the version of you, who has the ‘thing/goal/outcome/desire’ 🌨️


a fresh time to get started on a goal or put some new habits in to place.

j u n e 🌷

Today is the first day of winter here in the southern hemisphere ❄️

New month
New intentions 
New goals ⚡

⚡A new month always feels like a fresh time to get started on a goal or put some new habits in to place. 

Anytime is always a good time but there is something about a new week / month / quarter / year. That gets us going. 💛

30 brand new fresh days ahead. 
30 days is enough to make significant or small habit changes.

⛅Set up some plans and intentions for the week, and month ahead.

🌟What’s a new habit you want to put in place to support your goals and intentions this month?

Let me know in the comments below.💛

Much love