There is magic in the everyday

While you are waiting!


🌸 There is life to be lived.

Do what lights you up. Your job is to feel good.

✨Make a list of your ‘little’ things which excite you, make you feel good & in turn raise your vibration.

There is magic in the everyday. Intentionally create moments that feel good. If it doesnt feel good look for ways to make it fun – eg  cleaning jobs you loath – listen to an audiobook while you do it, or deligate

✨If you arent sure what it is that lights you up try some things, make a note of what works, try some more, and so on. Then keep doing the feel good things.

Enjoy the journey ✨

What are 3 things you love to do to feel good?

Let me know in the comments below.

Much love

Fab Friday

It’s Friiiiday. It’s school holidays. I’m loving

+ Unicorn lattes that are good for you

+ Difficult times can lead to beautiful things. Hang in there

+ We’ve been eating loads of eggplant & this recipe looks so good

+ Big bows Yes! Slide flats Yes! Prada Yes!

What are you loving today?

Enjoy your week


Fab Friday

It’s Friday girl 💖 I’m loving 

+ Indian luxury accomodation

+ Stitching motifs on clothing – want to learn 

+ Paleo chocolates 

+ You are enough – I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. Believe it lady you are enough 💗
What are you loving today? 

Enjoy your week 

Kelly xo

Fab Friday 


I’m loving

+ A tiny house with loads of books in the snowy woods 

+ Chicken meals 😍

+ Cat cardigan – Hux baby always does good 

+ Positive energy can heal the world 🙌🏽💖

What are you loving today? 

Enjoy your week 

Kelly xo