Fab Friday


Fab Friday - macadamia milk, coconut, pineapple juice, burger on a stick no bun, food art, fake food quote


Fab (food) Friday. Very much food oriented today. I’m loving

+ Decadent smoothie with macadamia milk –  coconut & pineapple 🍍

+ Burger on a stick so cute & perfect party size

+ Food art 💜

+ Fake food quote – our bodies weren’t made for it. Keep it real homegirl.


Let me know in the comments below what you are loving today..bonus if it’s food related 😊

Enjoy your week


Fab Friday


Fab Friday is here already. Here’s what I’m digging this Friday

+ So excited that Marie Forleo & Satya Jewelry have a colab line. This is the Radiate Abundance necklace, top of my wishlist.

+ Smoothie bowl with a chocolate flavour – breakfast never looked so good.

+ A colourful animal illustration.

+ You are loved – true & beautiful.

Let me know in the comments below what you are loving today?

Enjoy your day