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White grapefruit is an exclusive oil which currently can’t be purchased separately.
Uplifting Citrus aroma, cleansing – add a drop to face cleanser, shampoos, toothpaste.
Refreshes the senses.

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From the emotions range. 

I love this oil. Supports you in forgiving yourself & others and moving forward. Fresh starts. Love how spruce comes through. 

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New & current members.

All offers for the Aus & NZ market

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Introductions to the Top 10 essential oils – Oregano

Oregano oil is supportive for the immune system and digestion.

It is the last single origin oil in this ‘Introduction to the top 10 essential oils’ series, then we will move on to covering the exclusive Doterra blends which are in the top 10.

You are probably familiar with oregano as the herb in food.

Doterra Oregano oil is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and can be used internally in food and cooking.

Oregano oil has so many  benefits & uses including 

🌿 digestion

🌿 purifying & antioxidant properties

🌿 supports healthy respiratory function

🌿 spraying surfaces – 10 drops in a 16oz spray bottle with water

🌿 sooth an irritated throat – 1 drop in water gargled

🌿 cooking – 1 drop in spaghetti sauce

🌿 cold & flu

🌿  athletes foot

🌿 aphrodisiac

🌿 warts & verucas

🌿 purify the air

🌿 carpal tunnel

🌿 Muscle aches

Bonus – Oregano and peppermint oil worked better when they were used together in a brazilian study. So try them together for a more powerful result.

BE CAREFUL – oregano is a hot oil so has to be diluted (can directly apply 1 drop to warts)  when applied topically as it can cause skin sensitivity. If you are pregnant or nursing consult a physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears & sensitive areas.

Emotional Benefits of Oregano oil 

Oregano is the oil of humility & non attachment. It can be helpful in removing blocks and clearing negativity.

Oregano strengthens ones feeling of security.

It can be helpful for people who always want to be right. It can help them be willing to see another way & make changes.

Ways I use oregano oil

🌸 In my immunity blend rollerball – Lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, onguard

🌸 My husband uses it on a veruca

🌸 Poof diffuser blend for cold – 4 drops peppermint, 3 drops onguard, 2 drops of oregano, 1 drop frankincense (yay all in the home essentials kit)

Ways I want to use Oregano oil 

🍕 In pizza sauce

🍕 Immune Booster diffuser blend – 3 drops onguard, 2 drops lemon, 1 drop oregano

🍕 Internally for immune boosting


So far we’ve covered –

Lavender Frankincense

Peppermint Tea Tree / Melaleuca


Now Oregano
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Introduction to the top 10 essential oils – Tea Tree

Tea Tree also known as Melaleuca is another widely known essential oil.

Tea tree is best known for its purifying properties.


It has so many uses and benefits. Native to Australia where Doterra source it,  Melaleuca has been used by their indigenious people for centuries.

Tea Tree oil has so many uses including

💚 Cleanse & purify the skin, nails

💚 Acne – Promotes a clear complexion

💚 Immune support

💚 Cleaning surfaces

💚 Ear ache

💚 Cuts & skin irritations

💚 Purify & freshen the air

💚 Nappy Rash – diluted w Lavender (5 drops of each in 30 ml water) in a spray bottle of water

💚 Cough, cold & respiratory support

💚 Laundry – smells so fresh & acts in a disinfectant way

💚 Hair care

💚 Cold sores

💚 bronchitis

💚 Tonsillitis

💚 Eczema

💚 Flu

Emotional Benefits of Tea Tree

Tea tree can be diffused to energetically cleanse the air to get rid of lingering negative energy.

Tea tree is good for emotional boundaries & invaders of your space.

Combined with Lemongrass & whitefir its great for emotional release.

Diffusing Lemongrass & Tea tree can promote cleansing & purity, awareness and purification.

Ways I use Tea Tree oil

💟 diluted & rubbed on my shoulders. This is good for when you feel like you have a lot on your shoulders and are feeling weighted down.
💟In a rollerball blend with Eucalyptus, lemon & Onguard. I roll a little bit on my feet each day.

💟One of my children had an earache we put a few drops on a cotton ball and placed it on the ear to help relieve the pain

Ways I want to use Tea Tree oil

💌 To clear negative energy

💌 Diffuse with Frankincense & Onguard to balance emotions, keep strong in my truth & boundaries

💌 In my laundry

💌 Try some in my face oil which already has Lavendar and Frankincense

💌 Diffuse – 2 drops onguard, 2 drops tea tree 1 drop peppermint. Uplifting & immune support.

💌 Disinfect my makeup brushes – a couple of drops added to a mild cleanser.

💌 Cold Defense diffuser – Lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon



Top ten Oils  we’ve covered –





Now Tea Tree/Melaleuca

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