5 ways to set intentions for 2017

Can you believe it’s the second week of 2017 already!

How is your year looking?

What have you got planned?

You are writing the story, so map it out.

Here are 5 different ways you can set some intentions for 2017

1. Habits

Write out a list of habits you wish to put into place this year or continue from last year. Things you want to be doing each day or regularly( depending what they are).

A few of mine are –  💗 Keep a gratitude journal, 💗 switch off screens one hour before bed, 💗 eat green things (not green things like mint chocolate chip icecream 😉)

Write them out in a pretty list for your planner, wall, fridge, somewhere you see them. This works as a reminder until they are ingrained habits.

2. Imagine it is 31st of December 2017.

What do you want to be reflecting on?  What is it you want to have achieved for the year that was 2017?

Write it out for each area of your life – health, wealth, relationships, living, travelling etc. Cover all areas don’t neglect to mention any.  Even if something is already going well just mention that it continues to be amazing in this way …

3. Make a vision board.

Get creative you can draw, paint, use magazines. do it digitally. Put on things you wish to do, create, experience, have this year. You can put it in a book, have it where you see it daily, have it as your desktop. Have fun with it.

4. Look at your planner for the year as a whole.

You can see the spaces where you are free – yourself, or as a family. Plan some of the adventures, projects, tasks that you want to do. Then pick the free weekends, weeks or days from your planner & write them in. You may need to book some travel, register for a class, find a way to get some spare cash so you can go to a specific event or do some research to find out how much a trip or an event will actually cost you in total.

Plan it, write it down & make it happen

5. Get clear on how you want to feel this year. 

What is it behind all the goals, achievements, experiences? What is the feeling that you are after? Figure this out. Choose your Core desired feelings as Danielle La Porte would say. Then do things which make you feel that way.

Eg you want to earn x amount of dollars. Why? ..why?… when you get down to the real why it maybe to feel free. Your Core desired feeling would be Free. What can you do now that makes you feel free? How can you do things daily that make you feel free? When you are asked to do things or you have tasks you feel you should be doing ask yourself if they align with your core desired feelings. Will that make me feel ‘free’/joy/shining/(enter CDF).   If it’s a no then don’t do it. More on core desired feelings check out Danielle Laporte & The desire map.

Wishing you a fabulous 2017. It can be anything you want it to be 💗 Create your vision.

Much Love


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14 ways to make this your best year


Happy New Year everyone!
My first post for 2014 and it’s already the end of February. I have been rather busy with a newborn though, born early January.

1. Keep your self talk positive – would you say that to your best friend? Be kind to yourself.

2. Add a green juice or smoothie to your day. It’s a great way to start.

3. Create a vision board for the year ahead. Add in places you wish to visit, things to achieve. Set some goals and begin to break them down so you can work toward them.

4. Practice gratitude – Be thankful for all that you have. You have an abundant life. To really up your gratitude practices write down 10 things you are grateful for each day.

5. Read everyday – expand your knowledge pick something you wish to learn about or get lost in a novel feeding your imagination.

6. Simplify your life. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication ~ Leonardo da Vinci

7. Do more of what makes you happy

8. Quit sugar in 5 days find out how here

9. Laugh more its good for you

10. Eat more food mainly plants as Micheal Pollan would say. Try to keep at least half of your plate made up of colourful veggies and fruit.

11. Add more superfoods to your diet. The more good you add in the more it will crowd out the ‘crap food’. Superfoods are nutrient dense so you are getting more nutrition from a smaller quantity of foods.

12. Aim to be kind, forgiving, calm and patient. One study showed that people with high stress levels is similar to smoking 5 cigarettes a day as far as health is concerned.

13. Ditch the soda – so much sugar for no nutritional value. Switch it for water, coconut water, herbal iced teas (homemade with natural sugar alternatives or no sugar at all)

14. Spend more time with those you love – your friends and family. Have fun and enjoy each others company, support each other and create memories together.

Wishing you all a fantastic 2014 x