Fab Friday – New Years Eve edition


Images via Pinterest

Well there goes that meme ‘them awkward days between Christmas and new year, when you don’t no know what day it is..’

Almost forgot it was Friday but here we are better late than never.

Heres my Fab Friday New Years Eve edition.

Im loving

+ Champagne on floral ice

+ This dress 💗

+ Gold & white easy decoration

+ Jelly dessert tier – so pretty

What’s one thing you love this New Year’s Eve? Let me know in the comments below.

This is an excerpt from a newsletter of mine I sent out at the start of the month.

Winding up the year & reflecting on all that has been.

I got my Shining year workbooks last month & this past week I’ve been starting to fill them in.
There is a closing of 2016 ritual in each book. Which gave me a chance to reflect on what 2016 meant to me, what I loved, what sucked & what I’m willing to let go of.

So in the craziness that is December take a moment to reflect on what worked for you this year & make peace with the crappy bits. Light a candle, light some fireworks, write out the crappy stuff & burn it ( all seems to do with fire I’m not a pyro 😬). Anyway make a ritual out of it 💜 I’d love to hear your ritual ideas too let me know here.

I was looking forward to using FAST after the silly season . I wanted to give my system a break while still giving my body 100% nourishment.

But I found out the other week that it’s not recommended for breastfeeding mamas so that she me out for awhile. My husband will give it a go sometime soon – will see how he likes it.

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Enjoy the last hours of 2016 & enjoy ringing in the new year.


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