Introduction to the Top 10 Essentials Oils – Lemon

Doterra Lemon Essential oil 15 ml bottle in front of lemon tree

Lemon  oil 🍋  I love this citrus scent & it has amazing benefits.


Lemon oil has so many uses including

💛 Strengthening immune system
💛 Brightening mood – it’s an uplifting oil
💛 Detoxifies liver, gall bladder & lymphatic system
💛 Cleaning
💛 Refreshing laundry – add a couple of drops in the laundry detergent compartment on your washing machine.
💛 A powerful Antioxidant 
💛 Deodorises – on a rag in stinky shoes
💛 Focus – stay on task

💛 Clean oil & black grease from hands

💛 Furniture polish – mixed with olive oil
💛 Respiratory support


Emotional Benefits of Lemon oil

Lemon is the oil of focus. Great if your mind wanders and you have unfinished projects.

Lemon helps clear self judgement & negative self talk. It can also help calm fears, insecurities & restore confidence.

Lemon can be a source of playfulness & bring ease to the heart. Can help ease feelings of depression by restoring happiness & joy.

Ways I use Lemon oil

💟 In my seasonal blend with peppermint & Lavender. Helps support allergies / hay fever symptoms.
💟 A drop in warm water each morning
💟   In cooking –  with cooked spinach esp when I cook it with coconut cream. Also with tuna or salmon. Fresh salad with avocado to stop it browning.

Ways I want to use lemon oil

📌 Strengthening  & hardening nails
📌 diffuser blend with lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree & peppermint  =  clean linen
📌 Lemon bliss balls
📌 wake up diffuser blend with orange & peppermint ⬇️
📌  Diffused alone to eliminate odor

📌 Protecting & conditioning leather


 Top ten Oils  we’ve covered –


Now Lemon

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Much love
Kelly xo

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