This full moon completes a 19 year cycle!

The July 17th 2019 Full moon is a Lunar Eclipse which completes a cycle which started in July 2000 😱

That blows my mind

✨ Where were you in July 2000?

✨What were you doing?

✨ Do you feel like you have something to let go of from that time?

✨ Is there something you’ve been telling yourself or holding onto?

🌕 A Full moon is a great time to let go of what is no longer serving you in general.

✨Declutter – your environment, Your mind – do a brain dump / conscious stream of thought / journal 📔/ meditation

✨ Use Tapping/EFT to clear negative thought patterns / limiting beliefs / blocks

✨ Just decide to drop something / stop believing something / forgive.

✨ Does it make you Feel GOOD? No? LET IT GO. 🦄

Who have you become?

I love how Kate asked Who have you become in the past 19 years?

Like really think about that & celebrate that. You’ve likely been through many evolutions of yourself to be who you are today.

And You are ever evolving baby so just take the good with you 💖

Happy Full moon 🐺 🌕

Check out Kate Northrup – she talks about working with your cycle, the lunar cycle and doing less to create your best life 💕

Much love


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