Becoming a person who loves a schedule

I have resisted having a schedule for so long. I hate being locked into too much but I really need it also to keep me motivated. I desperately want to be one of those people that has their day planned out to the minute – well maybe not that crazy.

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I want to have kind of an outline of my whole day though. Because way to often if Im home I just drift around doing a bit of housework here and there, drinking copious amounts of hot drinks, scrolling, doing activities with the kids, cooking oh and then it’s dinner time again. WHAT were did the day go. I didn’t get to do half of what I should have. I’m talking extra things I want to be achieving to work towards some goals, life admin that’s been put off, house tasks which are done infrequently but get put off longer than they should.

The search for the perfect system

I’m in search of a system that will work for me that doesn’t feel to restrictive, keeps me motivated and I actually stick to.

I’m thinking an easy system that will prompt me to break down tasks and maybe time block my day.

I work so well to a deadline but that’s also my downfall because if my deadline is too far out I will leave that task till the last second. Parkinson’s law – the task expands to the time allotted so it’s not entirely my fault there is an actual law.

Case in point.

+Why would I do my taxes right after the tax year ends in March when I can leave them until June 30th (the deadline is 7th July).

+When we brought our rental and the deadline for settlement got brought forward, we were bit behind in our second-half-of-the-deposit saving and man that was a motivator. We hustle the shit out of those last few months and smashed it.

+My house has stuff everywhere 5 out of 7 days. You tell me someone is coming over in 20mins and that place is looking fresh.

This is why I think that time blocking might work for me. I work so good to a tight deadline. I know its not good for me adrenaline wise to be hustling to deadlines all the time either. I would have to be mindful of this, trying to make sure I’m moving through at a slow pace or having days that are block free.


I listened to the Audiobook – The Clutter Connection last year and was recently going through some notes I wrote down. It breaks down different personality types, how they like to organise their homes and their lives. I wasn’t so much the house cleaning that I took notes on but the life organisation. Here are some points which I loved.

+Running your house like a business. You are the CEO. Get up showered & dressed everyday then a basic planner outline on the fridge that you try to adhere to.

+ Imagine I was filling a position of someone who was going to be running the house and looking after the kids. What would I require them to do? What would be the job description for an ad? What should they do daily? What would I expect someone to do if I was employing them? Ask yourself this daily and do what you would expect of them.

+ Write out a basic daily schedule once mastered it, add in bigger tasks – like structured play / school time with kids, time to work on diy projects etc. Eventually the routines were simplified and she found it easier to accomplish everything on the growing list. Felt like she had more free time. So could add in new things to her schedule.

+ Structure is freedom { IS IT OR IS FREEDOM FREEDOM :P} She wanted freedom from structure but everyday would waste time in the absence of a routing of positive habits, unconsciously created a routine of negative counterproductive & ineffective habits. Waste hours aimlessly browsing the internet. While feeling like no time for the things really wanted to do. Without structure everything look longer to accompolish. Structure is freedom {Ok you got me there, sounds just like me. Maybe structure is freedom} Felt busy but it wasn’t productive. Wasn’t accomplishing any of goals or ambitions. No positive action steps toward achieving them.

+ We all need daily structure & routine to make life easier.

+ Create a daily schedule of the basic tasks want to accomplish each day.

+ Once you have mastered your daily schedule to the point it becomes an effortless habit. Can add more goals to daily/weekly/monthly schedules.

Getting started

Ok I think Im ready. *deep breath I don’t want to be inprisoned by a schedule* ok its fine st r u c ture is fr e e d o m. YES here’s hoping.

Well I better get onto creating my basic daily schedule

I’ll block each task in with a time frame.

See how I go for a week

If I’ve mastered it I can add in some goal oriented tasks

Wish me luck & send me all the tips esp you schedule phobic people who managed to live the scheduled life or something similar that works for a schedule phob. I need all the help, I want to be more efficient with my time. Thanks so much.

Much love


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