New Moon Essential oil Blend for setting Intentions

⚡ Franky Friday meets the New Moon ⚡

The new moon in virgo was on the 17th of September. 

🌼Make up this roller ball to use when setting your intentions for the next month. 

🌼Or you could diffuse all or any of the same oils. Diffuse while visualising or Journaling on what it is you want to have had happen in your life by the next full moon. 

🌼 What goals, dreams, manifestations are you setting? What are you calling in? This is the time of the lunar cycle to plant the seeds. 

🌼 Write down everything you desire. Then take some action to work with the ‘universe’ & the moon energy.
Eg. Schedule things in, decide when you will finish something by, tie up loose ends on half finished projects, figure out the steps to get to your goal ‘destination’. 

H A P P Y N E W M O O N⚡🌻


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