Morning coffee musings

Morning coffee ☕️ 

🌥Only having 1 coffee a day (new habit for the month) 

🌥So today making it a @nespresso.auw collagen creamer. Add the collagen to the @nespresso Milk 🥛 foamer w milk of choice. I just used half the satchet (not sure how many tsps it was ) because it’s quite vanillary for me. Other than that it’s not gritty or anything. 

🌥Found the @doseandco satchet in one of my handbags. I got it from @columbuscoffeenz you can add dose & co to your coffee there. So it’s great way to try it out. 

🌥Going down to one coffee ☕️ to support better sleep & less anxious feelings 

If you’ve been here awhile you would have seen me cut coffee off and on for a while now. WHY IS IT SO DELICIOUS 😫

Much love


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