40 days to create & sell your ecourse

The live round of 40 days to create and sell your ecourse is starting very soon. The timing to create your own course and create a new stream of income has never been better.

A message from Leonie

  mailtimers.comClick to enrol now!  Possum blossoms

We’re down to the wire now, love!

It’s your last chance to join this live round of  
40 Days to Create + Sell Your eCourse!
In it, I go no holds barred and tell you exactly how I’ve sold over $8 million in courses.

You’ll also get accountability out the wahzoo; with weekly live calls and a student forum with thousands of other students.

Not to mention: 
ALL the technical how to’s you could dream of Step by step guidance to getting your course finished and making you $$$Tried and true marketing tips that’ll get your course selling BIG TIMEAn exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of my million dollar eCourse businessThe chance to brainstorm all your brilliant eCourse ideaseCourse secrets from the Queen of eCourses (why yes, that is moi thank you for asking hohoho)Exactly how you can be a stronger and more effective teacherPlus SO. MUCH. MORE…  Are you ready to step into the next phase of your business?Stop selling 1:1 and start selling to many 👯Free up your time ⏰Massively grow your income 🤑Be recognised as an EXPERT 🏆 Time left to join the LIVE RUN of 
40 Days to Create + Sell Your eCourse:
mailtimers.com Here’s everything you need to know!

Join me for weekly live calls; you can ask all the questions, brainstorm ideas + connect with other students.

There will be 6 live calls that run for an hour each – perfect for discussing that week’s content!
Exclusive access to the student forum AND ongoing monthly Open Office live calls, even after the live run finishes!
You get access to the course for at least 12 months, bonza!
If you already have this course, you don’t need to do anything! You get automatic access to this live run.

This is your last chance to jump in and join me LIVE. I only do a live run once a year (sometimes less), so if you’ve been considering it, now’s the time. 


Please don’t miss out on this opportunity to massively grow your business and income, you owe it to yourself…

I cannot wait to see the magical eCourse you create!

With love,

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