Mapping out your dream day if money was no object

💰If money wasn’t an object? 
💰What would you do with your day? 

I like to think of this in an ‘everyday day’ & a level 10 day. 

🤎 Like #1 what are you doing daily if $$ isn’t an object? 

🤎 Then what are you doing on your boujeeee as, bossed up, baddie, extra, all in dream day! 

Because IMO they are quite different like not everyday I want to be living large in a vacay kind of way. 

Your daily routine & life can be boujee as you like but you know what I mean. There is also going to be extra days where you travel to dream locations etc. 

Because you still want that excitement & build for doing those extraordinary things. 

Journal / voice memo / create a video for your self – basically express what it is your days look like if money is no object?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment

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