Annie’s Cracker package message

Annie's Cracker package message

You have the power to create change! Vote with your dollar.

Think about each purchase you make –

+ How is it grown?

+ Is it made ethically?

+Does  it contribute to a better planet?

+ How long will it last?

+ What happens at the end of its ‘life’? Will it just be adding to landfill?

Let me know in the comments below What other questions cross your mind as you purchase an item?

I recommend watching ‘The Story of Stuff’ video & the other videos in its collection. It’s an easy watch & makes you really think about how your decisions effect the collective.

Update – I’m currently reading ‘The Story of Stuff’ book, highly recommend it for an in depth look at how our stuff is effecting the planet & us humans. The book can be overwhelming & abit depressing at times but there are also messages of hope where change is happening for the better.

Let me know in the comments below if you have seen The story of stuff. Also what things do you do to create positive change in the world?

Much love


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