5 Positive People I love




These 5 personalities really speak to me and cover various facets of mind, body & soul wellbeing. They are all so inspiring & we are lucky to have the in this world.


+ Dr Libby – a fellow New Zealander. I love her approach to wellness. She has written a multitude of books including – Rushing Women’s Syndrome, The Calorie Fallacy, Beauty from the inside out and her latest ‘Exhausted to Energized’. She also has some real food & raw food recipe books. It’s more than just food with Libby she is a wealth of knowledge in regards to how stress, stress hormones & this chaotic pace of life affect our bodies & our wellbeing.



+ Gala Darling – a frickin rockstar. I love Gala. I’ve followed her since the early days & she just gets better. She is all about Radical Self Love which is so important for overall wellbeing. It’s so sad how much we need these reminders to embrace self love. There is too much self hatred out there. Gala wrote her book  ‘Radical Self Love’ last year & has now been signed to Hay House. She is a positive beacon – lots of gratitude, thankful Thursday, witchy stuff, sequins & pink glittery goodness. If you don’t know her already check her out she’s amazing.



+ David Avocado Wolfe – passionate raw foodist. I love watching his videos he is so enthusiastic, I love the way he speaks & explains things. He always has great recommendations for the latest superfoods. The way he explains the superfoods ‘powers’ and how they will light you up & have you glowing is awesome. Such a positive figure & one to follow.



+ Louise Hay – a queen in positive quotes & vibes. Author of Heal your body, You can heal your life, Love your body, You can create an exceptional life & many more empowering books. She is amazing. Her quotes, mantras & positive vibes are life changing. She is someone you want to know.



+ Sarah Wilson – I quit sugar creator. I love Sarah’s approach to many things in life, her sustainable way of living really resonates with me. She has a wonderful blog, an I Quit Sugar course & multiple books including – I quit sugar for life & Simpilicious ( which I can’t wait to read). She is one to check out for some great tips on sustainable living, real food eating & of course quitting the devil that is sugar.


Who do do you love to follow in the wellness & wellbeing realm? Let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy this moment



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