3 life lessons from an Amethyst Geode



I recently saw this awe-inspiring Amethyst geode at my local museum. It got me thinking & ‘spoke’ to me, here is what it said.

  • Things aren’t always as they appear – The outside of this geode was brown & unappealing just like many other rocks. It could have been easily dismissed & thought to have no value or ornate beauty. But within this mediocre brown exterior was a whole new world of wonder. A magnificent amethyst crystals glistened holding healing powers, beauty, possibility, the ability to hold people in awe of its magnificence and its magic.  You never know the goings on of someone’s magnificent mind so don’t be so quick to just when only observing their exterior.
  • Sometimes you have to crack open to see your sparkle and let yourself shine. You have to open yourself up and let that sparkle out. Show the world you are here & you are wonderful. Let yourself shine thus inspiring others to shine also. Open up, be free & sparkle.
  • Hard exteriors may still have soft beautiful interiors. “Sometimes you feel like a rock – hard, angry, damaged. But sometimes there is an opal inside you – this otherworldly beauty, the potential to be soft,loving & kind” via Pinterest. People may appear ‘hard’ and tough but they may still be ‘soft’, loving and kind. Get to know people you may be surprised. They may need a friend who can see this in them.


When you think about geodes & how damn amazing they are, what about them do you find mind-blowing? Have you learnt anything from a geode? Let me know in the comments below.

Sparkle always


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