6 Meals I enjoy on the regular



+ Bacon & eggs – poached eggs, bacon fried in butter or grilled. Salt & pepper, avocado & usually some more butter on top. Often a side of fresh chutney – chopped tomato, coriander, chilli & red onion.

+ Smoothie – coconut cream, water, berries, banana, 1 tsp Inliven, 1 tsp Berry Radical, 1 tsp Deep Green, 1 tbsp of Maca, 1 tbsp Miessence Protein powder, some ground linseed or soaked chia. Blend it all up & enjoy.


+ Salad – chopped tomato, avocado, sesame seeds, splashed with Apple cider vinegar, olive oil, Himalayan salt (which is our only household salt) & pepper. Then I add either feta or some tinned sardines in olive oil. It’s so good.

+ Stirfry – with chicken or lamb. I fry off some onion, chilli, garlic or ginger then add the meat. Then I add blanched broccoli, carrot, cauliflower as well as leafy greens, peas & celery. I basically just add whichever vegetables I have, its a great way to use up leftover and small bits of vegetables. I add some tamari & sometimes sesame seeds.


+ Salmon- either baked with lemon if it’s a whole fish or side or done in a pan if it’s fillets. I try to do crispy skin but haven’t really mastered it. I love the skin either way. Sometimes after I take it out of the pan I wrap it in nori while it’s hot. I serve it with salad and vegetables. Or roast vegetables often if I have baked it. Salmon is good with almost anything.

+ Roast Chicken – skin on of course. I usually do a spice coating before the oven. Otherwise I stuff it with chilli & garlic then splash some tamari on it. Served with greens, steamed or stir fried. Roast potatoes, pumpkin, kumara, yams or what ever else we have that roasts well.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below what your go to meals are.



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