Comparison – the thief of joy



We’ve all been there. Had a quick flick through your Facebook or Instagram feeds & the comparison can often begin. Why aren’t I where they are? I should have that much by now? Why am I so behind.

Well it’s time to stop that. You are exactly where you are suppose to be at this exact moment.

Why comparison doesn’t make sense anyway?

+ You don’t know what’s really going on with the other person anyway. They may have a whole shit storm going on in their lives. Everyone has their own struggles.

+ People usually only showcase there best shit. They may have taken a hundred pics to get that one amazing one. They aren’t posting their regular daily ins & outs, just the best.

+ Don’t waste your energy with comparison. Focus on your own journey & keep your game strong.

+ There are no rules about what level you are suppose to be at & how far along you are suppose to be. This is your own journey, your own life – enjoy it 💜

So with that stop the comparison now! Your energy is better spent on living your wonderful life.




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