How radical are you? Is it affecting your wellbeing?

How radical are you? Title graphic

How Radical are you? You may not want to be as radical as you think.

In asking this I’m referring to how radical is your body, not in how damn fly you are. Because we know you fllllyyy.

Anywho I’m talking about how radical your body is in relation to these little guys called Free Radicals.

What are Free Radicals I hear you ask.They are very energetic particles that ricochet wildy around your body and damage cells.

Free Radical are something you dont want in your body. They are believed to accelerate the progression of

Also Free Radicals can make you age faster 😬

So what can you do about Free Radicals?

To keep free radicals in control and not too radical. We have lovely little friends called antioxidants.

We can get antioxidants from food and they calm down all those hypo free radicals when they are causing havoc in your body. Antioxidants neutralise the free radicals so they can no longer damage cells. They give free radicals there marching orders so we can continue to stay well & healthy.

There is a measure for counting the calming/neutralising effect of antioxidants in food and supplements. It’s a measure of the amount of free radicals that the antioxidants are able to calm/neutralise.

The measure used is known as the ORAC score. O.R.A.C stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.

Let’s check out the calming power of the antioxidants in some fruits and supplements.

Here we will see their ORAC score per serving and how they measure up. How much punch they pack, in terms of antioxidant levels.

ORAC score chart of fruits comparison

We also have the costs and ORAC scores of popular antioxidant supplements and food. How they compare to Berry Radical in terms of price for antioxidant value.

Berry Radical is a delicious chocolatey beverage, which as you will see is jam packed with antioxidants.

This chart is showing how much of the following products you would have to buy to get the same antioxidant levels as ONE tub of Berry Radical (RRP US $75.95)

Table of supplements & there antioxidant capacity

This chart really shows how Berry Radical stacks up.


It really does blow the other antioxidant products out of the water on ORAC scores.

So now you know antioxidants are very much our friends and they help us maintain a thriving body & keep us young. You want to be adding antioxidant rich foods to your day.

Stay radical on the outside not the inside


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