What are you waiting for? Live now

What are you waiting for? Live now

What are you waiting for? Live now


If you follow me on social you’ll know that recently I did the Live More Challenge with Sarah Jenks.

The challenge was such a fantastic reminder for me to stop waiting & just live now.

This is the only moment we have after all.

Like me you are probably putting things off until you have more money, more time, live in a bigger/newer house, are smaller/fitter/look a certain way.

We can wait forever for the perfect time or moment. But perfect is overrated & really never comes. There will always be something else that you’ll want to wait for.

Well F it girl! The time will keep ticking so why not live now.

Often it isn’t even big things that you are waiting to do. There are small things you can  add in now that can have a big impact on your fulfilment.

What would your life be like if you made time for

⭐️ Regular massages

⭐️ Inviting people to your home

⭐️ Bubble baths

⭐️ Dance classes

⭐️ Art, crafts, DIY – creating

⭐️ sleep ins

⭐️ Nature walks

⭐️ exploring your city

⭐️ lunch dates

⭐️ Reading in the sun or by the fire

The list can go on forever & ill hand it over to you now to create your own list.

What is it that you want to add to your life? What is on your list?

Let me know in the comments below one thing you will start doing this week.

Much Love






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