15 wellbeing tips from a 24 year old

15 wellbeing tips from a 24 year old

15 wellbeing tips from a 24 year old

That 24 year old was me.

I found my wisdom in a box this week.

I had six A5 pieces of paper which I headed ~

Love, earn, maintain, learn, laugh and live.

Then on each piece I wrote out some intentions, goals & tips which I wanted to incorporate into my life.

Here are a few gems from my 24 year old self.

A good reminder to myself now as well.


Love yourself be good to your

💜 exercise it
💜 feed it good foods
💜 do things which make it feel good
💜 pamper it
💜Look after it as you would your child


💜 Feed your mind with good information
💜 Keep a positive attitude
💜 Calm mind with meditation & yoga


💜 Believe in anything & everything you wantimage

💚 Daily – 1 tbsp of ACV ( Apple cider vinegar) washed down with H20
💚 1 tbsp linseed soaked in H20 overnight
💚 Dry brush towards heart to improve circulation & assist lymphatic drainage

💚 Eat lots of veges of colour to provide your temple with nutrients
💚 Enjoy everything. Each mouthful, tare time to taste & smell.

Maintain - intentions & tips for living a good life

I hope this was a great reminder to you to also love & look after yourself. Share this using the social buttons below ⬇️ to remind your friends as well.

Much Love


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