15 wellbeing tips from a 24 year old

15 wellbeing tips from a 24 year old

That 24 year old was me.

I found my wisdom in a box this week.

I had six A5 pieces of paper which I headed ~

Love, earn, maintain, learn, laugh and live.

Then on each piece I wrote out some intentions, goals & tips which I wanted to incorporate into my life.

Here are a few gems from my 24 year old self.

A good reminder to myself now as well.


Love yourself be good to your

πŸ’œ exercise it
πŸ’œ feed it good foods
πŸ’œ do things which make it feel good
πŸ’œ pamper it
πŸ’œLook after it as you would your child


πŸ’œ Feed your mind with good information
πŸ’œ Keep a positive attitude
πŸ’œ Calm mind with meditation & yoga


πŸ’œ Believe in anything & everything you wantimage

πŸ’š Daily – 1 tbsp of ACV ( Apple cider vinegar) washed down with H20
πŸ’š 1 tbsp linseed soaked in H20 overnight
πŸ’š Dry brush towards heart to improve circulation & assist lymphatic drainage

πŸ’š Eat lots of veges of colour to provide your temple with nutrients
πŸ’š Enjoy everything. Each mouthful, tare time to taste & smell.

Maintain - intentions & tips for living a good life

I hope this was a great reminder to you to also love & look after yourself. Share this using the social buttons below ⬇️ to remind your friends as well.

Much Love


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