October Favourites

October Favourites

October Favourites

+ Marie Forleo & Seth Godin Marie Tv episode ➡️ The two kinds of quitting that are valuable for every creative, Seth’s approach for dealing with setbacks and disappointments, Why we all need to stop waiting for the ‘right moment’…

+ Nathan Mikarere Wallis 3-7 years old learning talk. Here’s a sample of his work. His live session is amazing. Let the kids be kids & use their amazing imagination.

+ Bad witch workout – I missed the 7 day challenge. But what’s not to love about Gala Darling & Garnett Strother teaming up, to keep all the bad witches fit as fck.

+ Diwali! My husband is Hindu so we celebrate Diwali – the Festival of Lights. It’s like the Hindu new year. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to dress up in sparkly clothes & jewellery. Loved having people over to share the sweets 🍬

+ EOS mint sphere lip balm. I love this flavour & the packaging had me. Perfect fresh mint lips for summer. It’s organic too.

+ Sunny days ☀️ We’ve had some really hot days here this month. Others have been rain & wind etc. But those sunny ones 👌🏼 Can’t wait for the summer days – long days, late dinners, Bbqs, swimming, kombucha in the sun 🍸

+ Alan watts if money was no object . I love this. Do what you love 💜

+ Mr Printables Weather station. We made one this month I don’t know who loved making it more 😝

+ Street art – people are so damn talented.

+ Lemons 🍋 – Lemon achar, lemon baked LCHF custard, lemon honey & fresh grated ginger in hot water, lemons in cold water. Lemons are where it’s at.

+ Roc tha bloc – it was ten years since I went to Roc tha bloc in Melbourne. 10 years! Jay Z, Neyo, Rihanna ( this was back in her young ‘good’ girl days).

Let me know in the comments your favourite thing from October?

Enjoy this new month


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