November Favourites


My  favourite things from November

+ Livestreaming the AWE – Awesome Women Entrepreneur talks. Some of my favourite ladies including Danielle Laporte, Kate Northrup, Radha & some new awesome women to follow.

+ Henna hair dye – after so long of not dying my hair.
I had held off dying my hair because I couldn’t find a natural dye I was happy to use. I had used one ‘natural’ dye a couple of months back but I wasn’t happy with all of the ingredients & it gave me about of a headache after applying it. Anyway the greys where coming through fast, my brother even started calling me the old grey mare 😜.

So after not dying my hair for so long I wasn’t willing to just chuck any old dye on & be back to square one.

I came across this book – Natural hair colouring & had been wanting to try henna for awhile but wasn’t sure which brands where truly natural. I found this Rainbow Research Henna, after doing some research in the book.

I used it with black coffee as my liquid base. It was a mess washing it out & took me so long to wash it all out. But the results after were nice & dark. For about a week it was fully dark & covered. As I washed it more & more it started to wash out though. I’m not sure why this was as henna is suppose to be permanent but it did say that it lasts 4-6 weeks. Mine was around 2 weeks before greys started showing again. So I’ll give it another go & get the hubby to do the back & check it over properly once dye/mud is on.

+ Words of wisdom in Collective Magazine

+ FAST released from Miessence. Although  I realised it’s no good for breastfeeding mamas so the hubby will get to do the fast instead.

+ Allbird shoes I’ve been seeing them all over feel like I need a pair 😊 (Husband if you actually read this put them on the Christmas list 😇😉)

+ Follow me to, picture with the Taj Mahal 👌🏼

Follow me to - Taj Mahal

Photo credit – Follow me to & collective magazine 💜

+ Family catch ups 💗

+ Shining Year workbooks 🎉 Mine arrived this month. Can’t wait to plan my shining year of 2017.

+ Setting up the advent calendar for December 🎅🏽

+ Snow on the mountains 😳❄️ Southern Hemisphere it’s suppose to be coming up to summer!

Let me know in the comments below your favourite thing about this November? ⬇️

Bring on December ✌🏼️🎅🏽

Much Love


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