Make your life whole & full

Life. make it glow let it be exciting & radiant.

At the end of 2007 I was living in Fiji. I saw a book review on about Eat Pray Love.

Looking at this & other books I had recently read including The Secret & even a fictional book I did picked up at a Fiji bookstore – The Ya yas in bloom.

All the books had examples of enjoying the pleasures in life, the small things like colours, smells, tastes, scenery, friends & family ( well they aren’t small)

Really enjoying everything, making everything you do a wonderful experience, treating the essential everyday things such as eating as a ritual. Embossing all the details so life is exciting & beautiful.

We used to go to the movies in Fiji & there was a coke ad at the beginning. All these cute little creatures have a parade & praise the coke bottle. They take so much care & pride in preparing it – it is their world. We don’t appreciate things like they did.

Enjoy this life

💖Enjoy everything
💖Appreciate everything
💖Praise & bless things
💖Take pride in everything
💖Make your life whole & full
💖Make it glow, let it be exciting & radiant

It’s more fun that way

Life. make it glow let it be exciting & radiant.

If it ain’t fun don’t do it

Life is meant to be a joy. If you are always on a good buzz then you are on the correct frequency to attract more good to you. So be happy do what brings you joy, makes you laugh & makes you happy 💗

Much love


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