5 Hay House World summit talks I love

The Hay house world summit is currently on.

100 interviews across the areas of






there is a huge amount of content to consume, tips, worksheets, films in each series release.
The World Summit to –

💟Heal Your Body

💟 Boost Your Health

💟 Develop the Tools to Manifest Your Best Life.

Here are some of my fav talks so far. Series 4 just got released today too 😱

There is only 6 days left of the summit so jump on & get inspired.

Programming Your Mind for Success

Carrie Green

If you have a brilliant business idea, your first question is likely to be “Where do I even begin?” Carrie Green set up her own online business while studying for a law degree, and turned it into a huge success through sheer determination. But despite the financial rewards, she felt isolated and decided to set up the Female Entrepreneur Association to inspire and empower women to build successful businesses, and she has since developed it into a global network of 300,000 devotees.

Overcome Your Food Addictions by Connecting to Spirit and Eating Naturally

Liana Werner-Gray

Natural-food champion and author of 10-Minute Recipes Liana Werner-Gray believes that you can live healthfully right now. In this invigorating talk, Liana busts the myth that natural eating is impossibly difficult and time-consuming, explaining instead that it’s a prime way to feel your best and connect with Spirit.

You Are Not a Zero

Mastin Kipp

Does your life lack purpose? Do you feel powerless? Do you give so much to others that you leave nothing for yourself? In this inspiring interview, author and life interventionist Mastin Kipp offers the surprisingly simple tools to nurture yourself, which Mastin explains is not only not selfish but will actually improve the rest of the world. Acknowledging that even simple things can be hard to implement, Mastin details his “Goddess/Hero Hour” technique for bringing yourself to the place where major changes can happen.

 Choosing to be conscious 

 Dr. Ali Walker

We have all been conditioned to believe that our life unfolds according to the big choices we make—where we’re going to live, what job we’re going to have, who we’re going to marry. We believe in the idea that “I will be happy when . . .” But Dr. Ali Walker is here to tell you this is not the case. Instead, our life is determined by the tiny choices we make in every single moment, and that to reach our full potential, we must be conscious of all these moments.

The Remarkable Benefits of Gratitude

Pam Grout

Pam Grout, author of Thank & Grow Rich, believes gratitude is an essential shortcut to manifestation, one that rewires our system and allows us to see new possibilities. Throughout this invigorating hour, Pam offers sage advice on maintaining a grateful perspective. She shows how we can experience greater levels of abundance and happiness by changing our frequency and paying attention to the good around us. Pam offers gratitude tips and tools that listeners can incorporate into their lives immediately.

Enjoy the summit

Much love


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