Take a hint from Life

Take a hint from life

I missed this post – I’m back dating.
Not back Dating! Im married, still dating the husband.

Back dating the post so it looks like I actually made the effort to post this on Wednesday.  I didnt have anything scheduled to post.


My daughter was sick at the start of the week I was also feeling abit nauseous with stomach cramps. We had both eaten the same thing 🤷🏻‍♀️


So this week just went by we rested, we slept, we relaxed at home.  We’ve been living on good buzz, inliven & vitamin c.


I wasn’t posting anywhere on social. I wasn’t doing much of anything in the real world either. Sometimes life just gives you a reminder that you need to slow down, rest, forget the world & retreat.


You realise what’s important & essential.


Have you had days or weeks like this where you just surrendered, let it be & rested? Let me know in the comments how that felt for you.

Much love


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