New Moon Ritual to plan your month 

New Moon in Leo

I’m still going on this woo woo track.

I posted about the ritual we did the other day, following the new moon. It’s here 

Leo is ‘ruling’ this month

New moon ritual from Gala Darling

✨Write out all your desires for the month ( from the new moon to the full moon).

✨Write these out on the new moon

✨Review on the full moon – you’ll see what came into fruition, what worked, what didnt, what you will continue to pursue and what you will happily let go of.


Writing down desires isn’t anything new but

💖 it’s a fun way to do it.

💖It’s aligned with the lunar calendar – it doesn’t start at the calendar beginning and ends of the month – which can both be busy times.

💖You have the power of the current sign behind you so you can look deeper into that and see what powers, qualities, attributes that zodiac has and use this to your advantage.


Between you & me

I’m just starting to learn more about all this Astrological goodness. Ive been reading a lot of Gala Darling‘s posts as well  the Astrotwins – who are all bad bitches and know what they are talking about.

What I do know is that writing down your intentions for the month is powerful. 

Whether you use it as a to do list or ‘let it go’ out to the universe to be manifested. 

Why not let the lunar help you out with it?

This ties in well with the How to start your own Gratitude practice 
Do you have any rituals you do around the lunar calendar?

Much love 



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