Enough with the coffee

Today I had a really crappy decafe coffee at a cafe. 
It’s not the first I’ve had lately. So earlier this year I gave up caffeine – again 🙄 caffeine in coffee anyway.  I switched to decafe.  I was getting wired & thought it would be beneficial in regards to cortisol levels ( stress hormones). 

I wasn’t ready to give up my addiction to the cafe culture – I do fricken love it.  I don’t know where it came from – I think I associated it with ‘fancy professional people’ when I was younger. It felt abundant to go sit & enjoy a coffee in a cafe. 

Anyway back to today. That coffee was crap it cost me $5.30 & I couldn’t drink more than a couple of mouthfuls. When I used to work in a cafe people bringing things back was never an issue but I haven’t got the nerve to take them back these days. At home we always say life’s to short to drink a crappy coffee / tea / etc. 

I’m giving up my addiction to cafe culture 😱 

Yes I’m going to give my coffee money to a worthy cause. I give to Oxfam & Greenpeace each month currently and my son sponsors a guide dog.  

Looking for inspiration for my coffee money  ☕️ 💰 

Let me know in the comments below tips on giving up cafes 😝 or worthy causes you love.

Much love 

Kelly xo

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