Protect your energy & surround yourself with uplifting people

⭐Choose to be around people who inspire you, are uplifting, positive, have a growth mindset. This goes for those you follow & engage with online 

⭐ Limit the time you spend with those that ‘put you in a bad mood’ 

⭐ ‘Zip up’ your energy. Imagine wearing a full onesie w a big zipper going right up covering to the top of your head & all. Imagine or pretend to zip it up when you are around draining people. Thinking or saying ( obviously before they can hear you) ‘ I’m Zipping up My energy’ 

⭐ Tea tree behind your ears – diluted with carrier oil. This can help energetically from negative comments coming in. Sort of repelling them. Also on your shoulders if you feel ‘like there’s a lot on your shoulders’ 

⭐ Fear & panic and other negative emotions aren’t good for your immune system so nows the time to stop & think about how you feel around certain people / while watching certain programming / reading too much etc. 

⭐Obviously be wise, stay alert to your local health authorities advice, social distancing is a big thing, take care of yourself so your immune system is primed to deal with anything that comes up. 



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