Health habits for your Monday morning


🍋 A drop of lemon eo in water I usually add a drop of turmeric too 

🥬 LLV ( life long Vitality) vitamins from Doterra taken with breakfast 

Swipe through for the vitamins- Alpha CRS – cellular energy complex 
Micro plex VMz – food nutrient complex 
EO mega – essential oil omega complex 

Easily added as an automatic monthly delivery. Although this past month I’ve just been taking them in the morning as opposed to morn and evening. I got this round free too – with points from my loyalty rewards orders. You can get points for each Doterra order you place. 

If you want to know more about the vitamins, oils or the Loyalty rewards program (LRP) message me ✨🌻

Or you can check out this page for a bit more information

I was just here to post my pics of my drink in the sun but there you go. 

Much love


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